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Ch.8 Psych Review

PHS Mr. Magnusen Ch.8 Review

From the evolutioary persepective, we can understant emotions as helping organisms identify... important and recurring situations.
Which one is NOT one of the culturally universal emotions identified by Ekman's research? anger, surprise, contempt, regret, fear Regret
Plutchik would say that regret is... a combination of mor basic emotions.
In which respect do men and women differ in their emotional expressions? Ceratin emotional disorders, such as depression, occur more often in women.
What is the adaptive value of communicating our emotional states? It allows us to anticipate each other's respionses and so to live more easily in groups.
During emotional arousal, the ______ nervous system sends messages to the internal organs. autonomic
We would be most likely to misattriute the source of our arousal when... taking a drug, such as a diet pill, that has the unexpected side effect of physical arousal.
In the field of emotion, theorists have long debated whether... cognition and emotion are independent of each other.
Emotions result from an interaction of biological arousal, subjective feelings, cognitive interpretation, and behavioral expression. Which two of these are emphasized in the two-fator theory of emotion? Biological arousal and cognitive interpretation
People with emotional intelligence... know how to control their emotional responses.
When lying by giving false information, you are likely to... become more constrained in your gesturing.
"Lie Detectors" detect... physical arousal
Psychological research suggests taht it might be best to handle your feelins of anger toward a friend by... calmly telling your friend that you feel angry.
Research suggests that the ability to control one's emotional responses is... a skill that can be learned.
Psychologists use the concept of motivation in several important ways. Name 4. to connect observable behavior to internal states, to account for variability in behavior, to explain perseverance despite adversity, and to relate behavior and internal feelings.
One reason the term instinct has dropped out of favor with psychologists is that... the term became a label for behavior, rather than an explanation for behavior.
What makes Maslow's theory of motivation different from most other theories? It deals with a wide range of motives.
Motivation takes many forms, but all involve inferred mental processes that select and direct our behavior. Thus, the psychology of motivation attempts to explain why a certain _____ is selected. Action
Which of the following is often considered a biological drive? Hunger, safety, n Ach, fear, or all of the above? hunger
How did Murray and McClelland measure n Ach? with the Thematic Apperception Test
Which motive seems to regulate behavior in order to maintain a certain physical condition in the body, known as a set point? achievement, hunger, sex, homeostasis, or all of the above? hunger
Which of the following motives would most likely be influenced by living in an individualistic culture versus a collectivist culture? hunger, thirst, sex, homeostasis, or n Ach n Ach
In which of the following would biological factors be least important in accounting or the motivational differences between individuals? hunger, thirst, n Ach, sex, homeostasis? n Ach
While emotion emphasizes _____, motivation emphasizes _____. arousal, action
Which of the following is the region of the brain most involved in emotions, attack, self-defense, and flight? occipital cortex, limbic system, endocrine system, cerebellum, parietal lobe? limbic system
Which theory of emotion first called attention to the idea that our physical responses can influence our emotions? James-Lange Theory
Unlike achievement motivation, hunger and sex have a strong _____ bias. biological
People who are high in the need for achievement have been found to be more likely to... get better grades in school.
According to psychologists, an example of stress whould be... your arousal and behaviors when you are threatened by a stranger.
Like the experience of emotion, the physical response to stress almost always begins with what? a state of arousal.
In the _____ stage of Selye's GAS, the organism whows signs of recovery from the initial stress. resistance.
A type of stressor that would most likely cause the immune system to malfunction and even cause harm is? caring for a dying family member for a prolonged period.
Amanda possesses many Type A personality traits; this means Amanda has a higher probability of suffering from _____ than non-Type A inedividuals. heart disease
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