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Battle 7

Battle of the Books Questions - The Witches

Who wrote the Witches? Roald Dahl
Why is it so hard to catch a real witch? Real witches dress in ordinary clothes and look like ordinary women. They live in ordinary houses and work in ordinary jobs.
What is the motto of most witches? One child a week is fifty-two a year,squish them and squiggle them and make them disappear.
Where did the boy's grandma live? Norway
Where was the boy born? In England
Where did the witches come from? The black hills and icy mountains of Norway
When did the boy visit Norway? Twice a year Christmas and summer
How many languages could the boy and his grandma speak? Two English and Norwegian
Who's mother was his grandma? The boys mother
What happened to the boy's parents? They were killed in a car crash
What city did the grandma live? Oslo
How old was the boy when he went to live with his grandma? 7
Why did grandma tell the boy about the witches? To help them forget about the car accident
What did grandma do when she told her stories? Smoked a cigar
What did the boy say it smelled like when she smoked? Like burning rubber
How many children did grandma say disappeared? 5
Who was the first child she said disappeared? Ranghild Hansen
What happened to Ranghild Hansen? She was outside playing with her sister and then walked away with a witch
What was the name of the second child? Solveg Christiansen
What happened to Solveg? She disappeared into a painting
What was she doing in the painting? Feeding the ducks
What was the name of the third child? Birgit Svenson
What happened to Birgit? She turned into a large white chicken
What color eggs did she lay? Brown
What was the name of the fourth child to disappear? Harald
What happened to Harald? He turned to stone and his family used him as an umbrella stand
What was the name of the fifth child? Leif
How old was Leif? 9
What happened to Leif? He turned into a porpoise
Grandma thinks if you smoke cigars you will never catch what? A cold
How do you recognize a witch? She wears gloves, is bald, has big nose holes, the eyes change color, they have no toes, and there spit is blue
Why does a witch always wear gloves? Because she doesn't have fingernails she has claws.
Why do witches have scalp itch? Because since they are bald they have to wear wigs which causes wig-rash
Why do witches have large nose holes? Because they have an amazing ability to smell
What do children smell like to witches? They smell like Dogs Droppings.
How can a witch not smell you? By not taking a bath (the cleaner you are the smellier you are)
What color is a witches spit? Blue
Why would you see a witch limping? Because she has to wear uncomfortable shoes so no one recognizes her
Why did grandma and the boy have to move to England? The boy's parents stated it in their will.
Why did they want them to live in England? Because they wanted the boy to go to school in England
What do English witches do to children? Mix up a powder and turn children into some creature that grownups hate
What is an example of creatures English witches turn children into? A slug, a flea or a pheasant
What did grandma say witches in America do? Turn their children into hot dogs so the grownups eat them
Does every country have witches? There is a secret society of witches in every country
Do all witches know one another? They only know the witches in their own country
Do the witches ever get together? Once a year the witches of each separate country hold their own secret meeting with the Grand High Witch of All The World
What is a witchophile? A person who studies witches
Is the Grand Witch rich? Yes she makes her own money with a machine like the government has to print money
What was the boy doing when he was approached by a witch? Building a tree house
What kind of tree? A big conker tree
Who is the boys best friend? Timmy
What did the witch offer him to come down from the tree? A snake
How did he escape from her? He climbed up high in the tree until he grandma came for him
What did grandma get sick with? Pneumonia
What was the name of the cleaning lady who help take care of grandma when she was sick? Mrs. Spring
Why did they change their plans of going to Norway? Because the doctor told them she was too sick to travel that far.
Where did they spend their summer holiday? Bournemouth, the hotel Magnificent
What did grandma give to the boy because she felt this was a boring place to vacation? Two white mice
What did he name them? William and Mary
What was the name of the hotel manager? Mr. Stringer
How did the boy end up in the meeting room? Looking for a place to train his mice
How did grandma convince the manager to let the boy keep his mice? By threatening him she would call the health department about his rat problem
Who was meeting in the meeting room? The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children
What did the boy want to be when he grew up? Owner of a white mouse circus
Where was the boy hiding in the meeting room? Behind a large screen with a Chinese dragon painted on it
What trick was the boy trying to teach the mice? Tightrope walking
Where are the ladies going for tea after their meeting? The Sunshine Terrace
What did the boy think was wrong with the ladies who were scratching their heads? He thought they had nits
What was the name of the boy in his class that had nits? Ashton
What did they make Ashton do to get rid of them? Dip his whole head in turpentine
Why did the Grand High Witch Wear a mask? Because her face was rotting away and frightful to look at
What kind of eyes did the Grand High Witch have? Snake's eyes
What did the Grand High witch ask the ladies to do first? To remove their gloves. their shoes and then their wigs.
Why is the Grand witch in a bad mood? Because there are too many children around at the hotel
What happened to the witch who argued with The Grand Witch? The Grand Witch burned her up with fire from her snake eyes.
What is the name of the formula she devised to get rid of all children? Formula 86 Delayed Action Mouse-Maker.
Why does The Grand Witch want them to leave their jobs? She wants them to buy sweet or candy shops.
How much are they going to charge for the sweets? Nothing Free of Charge
What happens to the children after they eat the sweets? They will turn into mice
When will they turn into mice? At nine o'clock when they arrive at school
Why do they want them to change into mice at school? So they will not be blamed for them turning into mice
What do they think will happen after they change into mice? They think the teachers will get mousetraps and kill all the mice
Why hadn't the witches noticed the boy right away? Because he did not bathe for days
Why did the boy say that The Grand High Witch should be a football player? Because she was such a good kicker, she kicked William and Mary and sent them flying
What did the witch find to make the children small very quickly for her formula? The wrong end of a telescope
What do you do with the telescope? Boil it until it gets soft, for 21hrs.
How many mice tails do you need? 45 mice tails
What do you do with the tails? Fry them in hair oil until nice and crisp
What color mice do you use in the formula? Brown mice
What do you do with the mice after you cut their tails off? Boil them for 1 hour in frog juice
What do they use to get the delayed action? Use Alarm Clocks so the children will change into mice at school.
What do they do with the alarm clocks? Roast them in the oven for one hour
How do you get a nice thick paste? By mixing your boiled telescope, fried mouse tails, and roasted alarm clock at full speed in a mixer.
What kind of egg yolk do you add to the paste? Gruntle's egg
Where do you find the gruntle's egg? Up high in a nest
What are the last four ingredients? The claw of a crabcruncher, the beak of a blabbersnitch, the snout of a grobblesquirt, and the tongue of a catspringer
Why does the Grand Witch specify only one drop per chocolate and only one chocolate per child? Because an overdose will mess up the delayed -action and cause the child to turn into a mouse too early
Why don't they want the children to change too early? Because if they change in the sweet shops the witches would be to blame
What time do they want the children to change? 9:00
Who was the formula tested on? Bruno Jenkins
What time did Bruno change into a mouse? 3:30
Who are the Ancient Ones? All witches that are over seventy
Why are they not able to make the formula? They are too old to climb for the eggs needed for they recipe
What did the Grand Witch offer the Ancient Ones? Already made formula
How many children does one bottle of formula change into mice? 500
What time does she want the Ancient ones to meet in her room to get a bottle of the formula? 6:00
What is the Grand High Witches room number? 454
What time are they meeting for supper? 8:00
What happened at the end of the meeting? One of the witches smelled the boy behind the screen
What was the witches name who smelled the boy? Mildred
What did they do to the boy when they found him? Turn him into a mouse.
Why could the boy escape thru the doors? Because they had had chained the doors.
How did the boy feel when they poured the entire bottle down his throat? Like his throat was going up in flames
What did the boy say it was like as he turned into a mouse? It was like he was a balloon and someone was twisting him smaller and smaller
Does he talk like a mouse or a real boy? A mouse.
When going to see his grandma where did he hide from the maid? In his grandmas shoes
What is the grandmas room number? 554
What do Grandma and the boy want to do to get rid of the witches? They want to steal the formula and change the witches all into mice
How does the boy get into the Grand High Witches room? Grandma drops him down in one of her knitted socks
Where did he find the formula? In her mattress
How did he get out of the Grand High Witches room? When the Ancient Ones came to get the formula he snuck out the door.
What kind of reaction did grandma get from Brunos parents when she told them about their son being turned into a mouse. They thought she was a madwoman and wanted her thrown out of the hotel They thought she was a madwoman and wanted her thrown out of the hotel
What did the witches order for dinner? Pea soup
How many witches were in the dinning room? 84
What is Brunos fathers name? Herbert Jenkins
What is Brunos mothers name? Topsy Jenkins
What happened to the boy in the kitchen? The cooks found him and took off a piece of his tail
What happened to the witches? After eating the soup they instantly turned into mice and everyone got mousetraps and killed them all
What happened to Bruno? His father came in the dinning room and brought him home
What did grandma make the boys toothbrush out of? A matchstick and bristles from a hairbrush
What was his new bathtub? A sugar bowl
How long does an ordinary mouse live? 3 years
Where is the headquarters of the witches? A castle in Norway
What does the boy and Grandma plan to do at the headquarters of witches? Turn them into mice by making more formula and then continue their battle with witches all over the world
What are they going to do after the turn all the witches of the castle into mice? Send in cats to get rid of them
What do they need from the castle? The names and address of witches all over the world
Created by: janicejohn
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