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Battle 5

Battle of the Book Questions - Fearless

Who is the author of Fearless? Elvira Woodruff
What color were Digory’s eyes? Sea green
What did he dream of? Drowning
When did the nightmares begin? When his father left Mousehole to take a job on a tall ship.
Who were sent to live with the aunt? Digory and his 9 year old brother, Cubby
What happened to his mother? She died. Fell to her death into the sea.
Who was his father? Nicholas Beale
Who scared Digory with the story of how their grandfather had drowned when his ship wrecked on Eddystone Reef? Cousin Ross
What was the ship’s figurehead? A beautiful golden angel
When the mackerel swam into the bay who were called to the three-oared jolly boats? boys
Where did his father rent his rooms? Quay Street
Why were the loft’s only windows boarded over? So the Aunt wouldn’t have to pay window tax.
What did Digory like to do? Draw pictures and dream up fantastic adventures
What was Cubby’s pet? A sand crab
Who slept in a straw mattress under Digory’s bed? Cubby and cousins, Colan and Gordy
Who brought up the clothes? Zimmie
Who was Zimmie’s identical twin? Armynel
What did they attach to Zimmie’s braids? the crab named Barnacle
What did they sleep in when their clothes were cleaned and dried by the fire? Nothing
What happened to the cousin’s father? he drowned two summers ago when his boat wrecked on the rocks at Lamorna Cove
What was Digory’s father’s boat? The Flying Cloud
What did Uncle Nicholas promise to buy Gordy and Colan? A goose
What did he promise Cubby? A whistle from the other side of the world
What was the giant’s name in Father’s story? Mog
Who was simpleminded from birth? 12 year old Pedar
Where did Nicholas’s ship go down? At Yarmouth
Who brought the news? Jem Sprite
Who must go to Plymouth? Digory
Why? To see the list of survivors
What did he take with him? A slingshot, onion, crust of barley bread, salted pilchard, and leather flask with ale.
What did Aunt Alice give him for luck? A bleached bat bone
Who is the patrol saint of travelers? Saint Julian
What lastly did Aunt Alice give him? A old horn-handled knife
What did Cubby give to Digory? His slate
What are the thin membranes covering babies heads at birth? Cauls
Why do people buy dried cauls? As charms to bring good luck, especially against drowning.
Who were Digory’s company as he walked along the road? Gulls
Who did Digory see as he stopped to rest? Fishbone, the village stray.
Why wouldn’t Fishbone go on/What did Digory see at the bend in the road? A rotten corpse swinging from a crossbar with crows pecking out its eyes
What was the startling thing about the stranger? The tick tick tick that came from under his coat.
Who was the stranger? Mr. Jonathan Death
What was strapped to his back? A large wooden box
What does he do? Sell timepieces
What did Digory trade for the timepiece? the horn handled knife.
What did he get? A small brass watch gear
Who jumped out at Digory and Jonathan? Two men from the Pressgangs, Cribs and Will
What ship were they from? The Half Moon
What did they want to buy with Digory’s knife? a jug of Mahogony
What will they get for bringing Digory and Jonathan in? 7 pounds
What did Jonathan offer for their freedom? One timepiece
What were their captor’s going to do with them? Kill them and steal the timepieces
Who saved them? Digory ran and yelled for help. Fishbone came with 3 farmers to help.
Who is the author of FEARLESS? Elvira Woodruff
What did c’est tout ou rien mean in Master Henry’s farewell letter to Digory? French for “Its all or nothing”
What did Master Henry say was the most thrilling day of his life? when he watched the first ship guided by the lighthouse away from the reef
Where did ships come from that were guided away from the reef by the lighthouse? all over England
What was Mizzen’s favorite expression? Blasted Nincompoop
Who was the fish seller who owned a cottage in Plymouth town? Kip Finn
Who did they refer to as the Jester being swept out to sea in the book? Master Henry
Who worked for the Master in his workshop? Will Button
Before seamen go out to see what does it mean if you see a raven? bad luck
What was the name of the fish market? Mulgreeve’s Wick & Flame
What was the name of the ship that the Master told Digory he owned with an angel as a figurehead? The Constant
Where was the shipwreck of the “Flying Cloud”? Yarmouth
Who was the boatman that stepped forward to take the candles out to the lighthouse? Cobb Tomlin
When Digory sat in the boat with Cobb Tomlin both rigid with fear what did he hear? the sound of a seaman’s shanty
Why did seaman sing a seaman’s shanty? to sing through their fear
What was the shocking sight when Digory and Cobb Tomlin reached the lighthouse? The large crack at the base and up the side
Who were the two bearded keepers at the lighthouse? Conners and Matthews
What did the Master offer the men if they stayed to help him repair the lighthouse? triple their wages
What amount did the workman agree to in exchange to stay and help the Master repair the lighthouse? A years wage
What was Digory stunned by at the lighthouse? the magnificent glass lamp hanging from the center of the ceiling.
What did Digory look like? tall, thin, black hair and ocean green eyes
What did Cubby look like? small, wool coat, carrot colored ponytail, shaggy dog and a blue parrot
Who was Mizzen and what did it look like? a blue parrot
How many candles burned bright atop the lighthouse on the Eddystone? 60
What were the words that Master Henry had given Digory that he would never forget? Your future is as radiant as you see it
What was the name of the Inn where Digory and Cubby stayed? White Owl Inn
Who was supposed to deliver the candles Digory order and take them out to the lighthouse to the Master Henry? Master Scully
For the Master to stay in the storm to keep the lighthouse lit he must have been? Fearless
What was the contents of the case that Digory brought back to Master Henry’s wife? One document written to his wife Elizabeth and another document/letter to Digory.
What did Master Henry include with the letter to Digory? silver coins and a compass
What on the compass would lead Digory back to Mousehole? W will direct you west.
What had Master Henry taught Digory that made father so proud? how to read
What did Digory’s father look like? handsome with a slight limp
How did Digory take part in saving his father’s life? the candles that he delivered guided his father’s crew away from the reef.
When did Digory’s father arrive in Plymouth Town? In the midst of the horrific storm
What room in Master Henry’s house did Digory most want to enter? master’s library
What was on the center of the roof of Master Henry’s house? an enormous lantern and a golden weather vane with cutout shapes of the moon, sun and stars.
What did Master Henry refer to his house as? The Magic House
Digory had enough silver for he, Cubby and father to live where? In a fine cottage by the harbor.
What did Digory want most for the new cottage to have? a window to let in the light
What was the hemp necklace that the Constable spoke of to Digory and Cubby? hangman’s noose
What did Master Henry’s house look like? white, trimmed in blue and gold. It had many windows of different shapes made of leaded glass
Who did Master Henry refer to himself as? Squire Winstanley
What county was Master Henry’s house located in? county of Essex
What road was Master Henry’s house on? Coach Road
What talent did Master Henry notice about Digory? that he could draw well
Who was the dark-bearded giant man at the Inn? James Bound
Who was the plump inkeeper’s wife? Mistress Boothy
Who did Master Henry refer to as the best seaman? James Bound
How many candles did the Master instruct Digory to order from the Wick and Flame? 50
What town was Cubby and Digory arrested in because they thought they stole the bird? Plymouth Town
What was Master Henry’s housekeepers name? Mrs. Huffy
Where did Mrs. Huffy tell Digory and Cubby that they would sleep? in the corner of the cold stone floor on top of straw
Who was the maid in Master Henry’s house? Mercy – she was Digory’s age with dark curls.
What did Cubby use to draw on the white plaster wall of the well house? a piece of charcoal from Mercy’s ash bucket
What color bottle did Mrs. Huffy keep her special tonic in? dark green
Where did Mizzen most often ride? On Fishbone’s head
What did the inside of the lighthouse at Eddystone smell like? seaweed and brine
Created by: janicejohn
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