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Battle 4

Battle of the Books Questions - The 100 Dresses

Who wrote The Hundred Dresses? Eleanor Estes
Who came to school every day in a faded blue dress? Wanda Petronski
Where did Wanda Petronski live and who did she live with? Boggins Heights with her father and brother Jake
Who was the most popular girl at school who wore pretty dresses and could draw really well? Peggy
Who was Peggy’s closet friend who had blonde hair and was poor like Wanda? Maddie
What student was always late for school? Jack Beggles
What student sat behind Wanda at school? Bill Byron
The kids made fun of a boy who also had a funny name. They thought his name was ut not as funny as Wanda Petronski. His name was? Willie Bounce
Who was the teacher in Room 13? Miss Mason
When did the students recite the Gettysburg Address? The class always began the days session with the class reciting the Gettysburg Address
Who lived alone with his dog and cat in a dirty yellow house in Boggins heights? Old Man Svenson
At which street did the girls wait for Wanda to ask her how many dresses she had? Oliver Street
What other than dresses did the girls ask Wanda about? Hats, coats or shoes
What did the girls think Wanda used on her forehead to make it shine? Sapolio
When did the girls begin playing the Hundred Dresses game with Wanda? The day Cecile first wore her new red dress. All the girls admired Cecile and Wanda walked up to be part of the group and told Peggy she had 100 dresses.
After Maddie picked up the piece of broken mirror she flashed a small circle of rainbow colors onto houses and who walked by at that moment and what did Maddie notice? Wanda and her brother Jake, and Wanda’s dress was as blue as the sky looking through the broken mirror.
Why didn’t Wanda walk to school with her brother Jake most days? Jake went to school early
Why did Wanda’s brother Jake get to school early? To help Mr. Heany, the school janitor with the furnace, raking leaves, and odd jobs.
What did Wanda wear on her head? A gray tabaggan hat
The drawing and color contest at school consisted of what? for girls, designing dresses, and for boys, designing motor boats.
When the kids walked into class on the day of the drawing contest what was hanging all over the walls of the classroom? One Hundred drawings of dresses on sheets of wrapping paper.
Who won the drawing contest for the boys? Jack Beggles
Who won the drawing contest for the girls? Wanda Petronski
Who was the letter from (and what was it about) that Miss Mason read to the class? Wanda’s father telling them that Wanda was moving to the big city
Maddie was mean to tease Wanda but why was Peggy just as bad? Peggy would listen to Maddie tease Wanda and say nothing
Who walked to Boggins Heights to apologize? Peggy and Maddie
Why was Peggy sad to hear that Wanda would not be returning to her school? She had allowed her friend Maddie to pick on Wanda because she had a strange polish name, and she didn’t speak up for her.
What did Maddie and Peggy do since they couldn’t apologize in person to Wanda? They wrote her a friendly letter
What was the dance that Cecile did at the class Christmas Party? Passing of Autumn
What did Miss Mason read at the class Christmas Party? A letter from Wanda Petronski
What did the letter from Wanda say? For the girls to keep the drawings
Why did Wanda want Peggy to have the drawing of the green dress? Because the face in the drawing with the green dress on was Peggy
Why was the drawing of the blue dress given to Maddie? Because the face in the drawing with the blue dress on was Maddie
After Peggy and Maddie returned home with the drawings what did they discover? The faces in the drawings were them
Created by: janicejohn
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