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Battle 3

Battle of the Books Questions - Toad Rage

Who is the author of Toad Rage? Morris Gleitzman
Who is the main character? Limpy
Where does Limpy end up? At the Olympics in Sydney, Australia
Why does he head to Sydney? To have cane toads included as official mascots.
Why Have cane toads as mascots? Perhaps if soft, cuddly, cane toad toys were available, humans would stop their cruel and heartless extermination and cane toads would be able to live in peace and security.
What kind of toad is Limpy? A cane toad
Who is Limpy’s Sister? Charm
Who is Limpy’s cousin? Goliath
What did Limpy take with him when he left the caravan? Underpants
Who were the Olympic mascots? Platypus, Echidna, Kookaburra
What sport does the girl in the singlet compete? Pole Vault
What does “stack me” mean? An expression of surprise or amazement like “you’re kidding!”
Why does Limpy think humans hate toads? Because his relatives are always getting hit by cars driven by humans.
What kind of toad is Limpy? A cane toad
Where does Limpy live? Australia
Why do the toads keep getting hit by cars? Because the headlights of the cars attract bugs and they like to eat bugs.
Who was Limpy’s fattest and bossiest uncle? Uncle Bart
Limpy “collected” his dead relatives after they were hit by a car and died. What had to happen before he could take them home? They had to dry out.
How did Limpy get his name? When he was a young toad he tried to hop out of the way of a car and one leg got squashed.
What happens when Limpy tries to run/hop too fast? He goes in circles
Why didn’t Limpy’s mum and dad get upset when their relatives died? Because they had hundreds of brothers and sisters and getting hit by cars was a fact of life.
What was the ironic about Uncle Bart saying “stack me”? When he died and dried up, Limpy stacked him in his pile.
What was Limpy’s sister’s name? Charm
What is a rellie? Relative
What is the telly? Television
Why was Limpy scared that Charm went with cousin Goliath to look for food at the highway? Although he was big and strong, he was not sensible, and enjoys trying to wee on passing traffic.
What was Goliath’s plan to show humans they weren’t going to be run over any more? He was going to beat the cars with a big stick.
What is a squiz? A peek
Who is Ancient Eric? The oldest and wisest cane toad
Where does Limpy try to go to confront the humans? The gas station
Where does he end up instead? The zoo
What happened when the humans saw Limpy at the zoo? They screamed and tried to throw rocks at him.
What did Limpy see on the side of the truck at the zoo? Pictures of humans in kookaburra, platypus, and echidna costumes.
What costume did Limpy try to create and how? He tried to become a butterfly by crawling inside a pair of colorful underpants and flapping his arms.
Why didn’t it work? A m an recognized his underwear.
Limpy hopped on the back of the costume truck and who did the truck run over? His cousin, Goliath.
What was significant about the kookaburra, echidna and platypus? They were mascots for “the games”
What are “the games”? Similar to Olympic Games
What can cane toads do to protect them in an emergency? Spray poison from their poison glands.
Who is the man with the clipboard? The man in charge of The Games
Who rescued Limpy from the teenagers? Limpy calls herThe girl with the big stick. She is Australia’s youngest and prettiest athlete.
Who was Limpy traveling with on the back of the costume truck? Fruit flies?
Why was he riding on the truck? To try to be a Games Mascot.
Limpy got very hungry on the truck. What did he do about it? He climbed to the front of the truck and ate the bugs.
Who did Limpy hear calling him? His cousin Goliath
Where was he? Limpy thought he was dead.He was stuck under the front of the truck between the wheels.
What was Goliath deathly afraid of? Dust mites
How did Limpy free Goliath from under the truck? He covered him in oil and then told him the dust mites were making him slip. Goliath freed himself out of fear.
When Limpy and Goliath were dying of thirst, where did they get water? The rain
What kind of athlete was the girl with the big stick? Pole vaulter
How did Limpy and Goliath get to the Games? In the girl’s gym bag.
Why did she take them there? To upset the man with the clipboard.
What happened when Goliath and Limpy stood between the games mascots? They were seen on the telly and the humans were putting their fingers in their mouths making gagging sounds.
Where did Limpy and Goliath go after they were chased out of the Games? They followed a slug down a large drain.
Who was there? All the other animals and insects who weren’t chosen to be mascots.
Limpy was born in Australia, but where are cane toads originally from? South America
Why were they brought to Australia? To eat can beetles.
Why didn’t they eat the cane beetles? The beetles live too far off the ground for the toads to get them.
Who brought the cane toads to Australia? The people of the sugar industry.
Why do Limpy and Goliath hop on a dessert trolley? To visit the Major Sponsor of the games at his table in a restaurant.
What does Limpy want to say to the Major Sponsor? He wants him to make TV ads telling humans that cane toads are very nice so they’ll stop killing them.
What happened when the toads were seen in the restaurant? They were chased by a vicious dog
How did Goliath escape? He sprayed poison in the dog’s mouth.
Why does Limpy want to have non-human games? He wants the non-human games to be broadcast on TV. If the humans see how athletic they are, they will love them.
Why does limpy want the flea to enter the games? He can jump 3000 times his own height.
What is the flea’s name? Gavin
Why did Limpy panic when they entered the athletic storage room? He saw discuses stacked in piles and thought they were relatives.
Why did the mosquito think Limpy would be good at discus? Because to throw your discus, you have to go around in circles.
How did Limpy and Goliath find the event they could be good at in the non-human games? Pole vaulting out a high window to escape a pack of dogs.
Why did all the animals vote Limpy and Goliath out of the non-human games? They were too ugly.
Why was the girl with the stick disqualified from the games? They found steroids in her blood.
What were the steroids from? When Limpy scratched her and she was exposed to his poison.
Why was the girl allowed to participate? They tested Limpy and proved that the steroids came from him.
Why didn’t Limpy like all of the attention he and other cane toads received after he saved the girl from being disqualified? The humans began collecting cane toads
What did Limpy and Goliath do so humans would stop collecting cane toads? When they were on the television, they ate slug worms and turned around to show the humans how the worms could crawl out of their backsides.
What is Bung? broken
What is Bung on? put on
What is Caravan? trailer or mobile home
What is Bitumen? the coating on Australia’s roads
What is Puffed? out of breath
What is Rack off? beat it, get lost
Created by: janicejohn
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