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Battle 2

Battle of The Books Questions - The Second Mrs. Gioconda

Gian Giacomo de’ Caprotti was called? Salai
What names does Leonardo da Vinci use when he refers to Salai? liar, thief, mule-head, glutton
When does Leonardo first mention Salai? he writes that Giacomo came to live with me on St. Mary Magdalene’s Day, 1490, at age 10.
How did Leonardo first discover that Salai was a thief? Salai stole the Turkish hide and sold it to a cobbler for 20 soldi and bought anise comfits.
What does Leonardo de Vinci leave for Salai in his will? ½ of his garden outside the walls of Milan along with a house on the property that Salai built –this was for his services.
How did Salai solve the problem of the heat in Milan? By thinking of something else like sweet things to eat like anise comfits.
When Salai was in Milan trying to get rich by stealing- who was the God-man who grabbed him from behind? Leonardo
When Salai was caught stealing by Leonardo who did Salai think he was since he wore a long blue robe? God
How did Leonardo da Vinci explain who he was? Greatest artist, greatest mind, and the greatest engineer at the court of Milan.
After Salai continued to lie about stealing Leonardo took one of Salai’s curls between his fingers and said what? What a pity that the dirt keeps the sunshine out of these locks. If they were washed Jason would mistake them for Golden Fleece.
When Leonardo gave Salai a coin what did he do with it? He told Leonardo that he was going to buy his sainted father enough leather for a pair of boots.
Leonardo discovered that Salai was a street urchin and son of a bootmaker so he asked Salai to do what? cease being the son of a bootmaker and start being the apprentice of Leonardo da Vinci.
When Salai first came to Leonardo’s studio he was working on jobs for Duke Ludvico Sforza the ruler of? Milan
Duke Ludvico Sforza was also called what? Il Moro
The statue that Leonardo was making for Il Moro was a statue of? Il Moro’s father
Why did Leonardo often go to Il Moro’s horse stables? So he could sketch horse and study them.
Why did Duke Il lMoro want Leonardo to go to Pavia? To consult with his architects about the dome for the cathedral.
What place does Leonardo ask Salai to travel with him to? Pavia, a day’s journey
What makes Salai so fascinated when he watches Leonardo? Because Leonardo is using his left hand.
Salai’s father had told him that work done with the left hand is? the work of the devil.
Work done with the right hand is? work of God
Leonardo explained that the devil took no part in his work. He explained to Salai what told him how to do things? His eye and brain were joined to the muscles and told Leonardo what to do, not the devil.
When Leonardo met other famous men who studied at the University of Pavia why did he not talk much? Leonardo never accepted their silent invitations. He didn’t express his opinion because they might contradict him since he hadn’t read as many books as them.
In Salai’s life at Leonardo’s studio, Salai learned what? that superstition was out and that survival meant reading Leonardo’s moods and supplying whatever color was needed.
The color that Leonardo carried in largest supply was? Laughter
After Leonardo and Salai stayed in Pavia the Duke Ludvico (Il Moro) called them back to where? Milan
Where did Duke Ludvico live? In a castle in Milan
When Leonardo and Salai went to meet Duke Ludvico where was he? In his castle sitting in a tub of water, and a lady was feeding him grapes.
What have the astrologers told Duke Ludvico? That January is a good time to get married.
What is Duke Ludvico asking Leonardo to do? supervise the festivities for his marriage.
How old is the girl (Beatrice) Duke Ludvico is going to marry? 16 yrs. Old
For the wedding Leonardo designed cakes and pastries in shapes of what? Unicorns and dragons.
Leonardo became for the time of preparation for the wedding of Duke Ludvico a combination of what? magician and housewife.
Why did Salai tell Leonardo that he hoped Duke Ludvico’s wife had more than one head? So she could see everything that Leonardo had planned for her wedding.
If Duke Ludvico did not have to impress his wife who was he trying to impress with the festivities Leonardo was planning? Isabella (Beatrice’s sister) and Cecil Gallerani.
What did Salai love most of all? Good gossip second to anise comfits.
After how many years of Leonardo planning the Duke’s wedding did the wedding actually take place? After a ten year engagement.
Who did Il Moro want to marry? Beatrice’s sister, Isabella d’Este.
Why did Il Moro not marry Isabella? The Duke of Ferrara had promised Isabella to Gonzaga, the son of the Duke of Mantua, that is why Il Moro was now going to marry her sister Beatrice instead.
If you were a student of Leonardo he demanded that you were neat.
In Milan to be a pupil of Leonardo da Vinci was to be touched with what? grace, like being cardinal to the Pope in Rome.
Where did Leonarda keep his thoughts and opinions? Leonardo kept his thoughts and his opinions to himself and his notebook.
When Salai walked the streets inMilan his best street of all was what? the street of the armor-makers.
Why did Salai hear a hundred trumpets in the streets of Milan? Duchess Leonora and her daughter Duchess Isabella had arrived.
While planning wedding festivities Leonardo included a play in which he designed the costumes and a revolving stage- the play was called? Paradise
Where is Duchess Leonora’s and Duchess Isabella’s home? Mantua
What two things did Duchess Isabella ask of Leonardo de Vinci when she came to visit him? To paint a portrait of her, and also make a small sculpture of the young Christ.
Who did Duchess Isabella suggest pose for the small sculpture of the young Christ? Salai
Why did Il Moro ship his young wife from one castle to another? Because he stayed in Milan to look after his affairs, one of which was Cecilia Galerani.
Who referred to Salai as a well proportioned dwarf? Duchess Beatrice
Since the well proportioned dwarf was not Salai – who was it? Matello
What could both Duchess Beatrice and Salai recognize and appreciate about each other? A genuine sense of mischief
What did Salai need to consult with Leonardo about on the mountaintop? Some scientific problems
What original quality did Duchess Beatrice have to give her husband Il Moro that Cecilia did not ? A sense of fun
Leonardo de Vinci believed what about painting? That you paint a face to show what is inside the head.
Salai was convinced that Beatrice was a? Magician
Salai stole Turkish hide from Leonardo, sold it and bought what? the very finest anise comfits for Duchess Beatrice.
Il Moro used Leonardo’s eyes to discover what? his own wife
Il Moro went with Beatrice to her favorite country home located where? Vigevano
At Vigevano, Il Moro called on Leonardo to do what? Paint a picture of Beatrice whom he had fallen in love with.
Beatrice agreed to Leonardo painting a picture of her only if she could do what? sit upon a horse
Beatrice and Il Moro had a son named? Ercole
Beatrice and Il Moro changed their son, Ercole’s, name to what? Maximillion after the Holy Roman Emporer.
Who was the Spanish embroider who decorated the sleeve of Duchess Beatrice? Sorba
Who was Dorotea? Salai’s sister
What letter did Duchess Isabella bring to Leonardo to his attention? Ponzone’s letter about someone named Columbus
Who was Lorenzo da Pavia? The maker of musical instruments.
Now that Il Moro had grown to admire his wife Beatrice where did he send her and why? To Venice as his personal ambassador to make Venice friends with Milan
When Beatrice became the ambassador and went to Venice who did she take with her? Her mother and an entourage of 500.
What did Beatrice give all the ladies of Ferrara? pearl rosaries
Why did Duchess Beatrice not want to impress her mother? She wanted to hurt her and show her that she should not have neglected her poor, plain second daughter.
Duchess Beatrice learns that the only way to conquer an unhappy past is to what? learn to live with it.
Besides Leonardo being asked by Il Moro to finish the horse he also asked him to do what? to paint the Lord’s Last Supper.
Now that Salai had stopped stealing money what was he stealing instead? Leonardo’s ideas that he sketched and he would sell them to church artists.
When Salai sold Leonardo’s sketches and sold them who did he share the money with? His sister Dorotea and his father.
Who did Il Moro’s niece marry? Maximillion, the Holy Roman Emporer
What did Leonardo finish with bronze? The best horse anyone had ever seen
Why did Leonardo put up with Salai’s stealing and selling his ideas? He needed Salai’s rudeness and irresponsibility.
What was Beatrice grateful to Leonardo for? Showing Il Moro the interesting whorl of leaves beneath the plain flower of Beatrice’s face and falling in love with her.
Beatrice and Il Moro had a second son named? Francesco
When Leonardo was painting the Last Supper he walked the streets of Milan looking for what? faces that could represent St. Peter or St. John or Thomas or James.
Why did Salai not want to deliver a message to Portinari from Leonardo? Salai had sold one of Leonardo’s sketches to an artist employed by him.
Why in the late summer of 1496 did Salai begin seeing Beatrice at the chapel of St. Marie delle Grazie daily? She was studying Leonardo’s painting of the Last Supper.
When did Beatrice die? At age 22 after giving birth to a dead baby son
The French invasion came, and Il Moro and his children were forced to flee where? across the Alps into Germany
In Isabella’s castle was her studio of the Grotto where she kept what? her works of art
Lorenzo da Pavia designed what for Duchess Isabella? A clavichord (musical instrument)
Who was Aura? Isabella’s dog who died
Isabella was greedy and had two life goals – what were they? Work from the hand of Leonardo da Vinci and a portrait of her.
When Leonardo arrived in Venice it had been how long since his last visit? 17 years
When Leonardo arrived in Venice he was appointed to a committee to decide where to place the statue of David that which sculpture had completed for the city of Florence? Michelangelo whom Leonardo did not get along with
After Isabella learned that Leonardo was ignoring her letters who did she hire to deliver her letters? Brother Pietro
A merchant, Scusi, came to Salai to ask if Leonardo would do a wall-size painting of what? The Journey of the Magi with animals and manger and all the stars in heaven and more importantly a portrait of his wife.
Why did Leonardo agree to do the portrait of the merchant’s wife? There was something haunting about her looks – he would complete the portrait of Isabella using the merchant’s wife’s face
Who was the merchant who wanted to pay Leonardo for a portrait of his wife? Mr. Gioconda
What was the merchant, Mr. Gioconda’s, wife’s name? Madonna Lisa
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