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Battle 1

Battle of the Book Questions - Wordeater

Who is the main character Lerner Chanse
What school does she attend Cleveland Park Middle School
Where was the school located Washington, D.C.
What grade is she in Sixth grade
Chapter 1 starts on what day Monday, October 1
How many worms are in the Lumbricus clan 253
Who is the leader of the Lumbricus clan The Great Lumbra
What is the MPOOE club Most Powerful Ones on Earth
Who was the queen of the MPOOE Club Reba Silo
How do you get into the MPOOE club pass a dare
What was Reba’s dare to Lerner Steal Mr. Droan’s grade book and change Bobby Nitz grade from a D to an A and return it to Mr. Droan.
What is the double whammy part of the dare Mr. Droan will notice the change and Bobby will get into trouble.
What happens if Lerner gets caught She gets suspended or something but she is still in the club.
What did club members get to do Wear a MPOOE wristband, go to secret meetings, and basically own the school.
What is a SLUG A Sorry Loser Under Ground
Why didn’t Lerner want to be a SLUG She didn’t like the sound of the name, the other SLUGs never looked like they had and fun, Bobby Nitz was a SLUG.
Who was sitting on the bench near the school door Mr. Droan and Ms. Findley
What color was the grade book Green
Who was Lerner’s next door neighbor Bobby Nitz
What was the first worm test Skinch (the vibration would become the worm’s name)
When the worm was too scared to skinch what was proclaimed A nothing Birth (left to die)
What sound did the worm finally make Fip
What is the second test He must be strong enough to eat the first bite of dirt.
What did Lumbra chant May his gizzard churn!
Who cut Lerner’s hair Mrs. Wellbloom, her old neighbor.
Where was Lerner from Wisconsin
Who was Reba’s boyfriend Randy
What is Mr. Droan’s first name Marcus
What did Lerner do for the dare Lerner tipped over Mr. Droan’s book bag, put her backpack on the grade book and bent to tie her shoe.
What happened next Bobby hit her with a basketball, she dropped everything and fell backward.
What did Bobby call Lerner Helmet head
What did Bobby pick up from Mr. Droan’s book bag Thumbtacks
Who was Bobby’s first victim Ms. Bitsy Findlay (put two thumbtacks on her chair)
What did Mrs. Bitsy Findlay have in her hair Two pencils, sticking out behind each ear.
What did Fip first eat The M on the Thumbtack’s label
What was the first thing Fip made disappear Thumbtacks
What was the first spelling word Saturate (The second was Weary)
What was missing from Bobby’s pocket Thumbtacks
What happened at Shadel Dance Studio The thumbtack holding a poster disappeared, it slipped and Miss Shadel fell on her bun on her head.
In Anchorage, three years ago how did the woman lose her speech She was caught in an avalanche.
What was her first word “Avalanche” when papers fell on her from a bulletin board.
What was the name of the President of Mack’s Thumbtacks Archibald Mack
Where is the company located Bellitas Island
What are the world’s fiercest dogs Attackaterriers (Attacka Method)
Who is Archibald Mack’s bodyguard Boris
Who was coming to Bellitas Island to investigate the thumbtacks disappearing FBI
What is the school on Bellitas Island called Mack Technical School
How do they train Attackaterriers Stick thumbtacks into their paws to make them mean.
How long does it take the attain Mack’s Attackaterrier Seal of Approval One year.
What girl was the leader at the school Lucia Torrez
What clan was the other worm from that Fip met The Gamorm Clan
Who picked up the Gamorm and Fip A crow
What did Mr. Droan teach Science
What did Lerner notice on the ledge A rosy worm about the length of two rice grains
Dr. William Jay found what Jay’s Star
Where was Lerner’s extra credit science article from The Washington News
How many points was the extra credit 2
What was not considered cool Extra Credit
What is the largest distributor of Mack’s Attackaterriers Kenneth’s Kennels
What did Mr. Droan pull out to eat while reading at his desk a half-empty bag of chocolate chips
What color was his book, Burning Heart of Desire red foil
Who was an artistic SLUG Julio
What did Fip eat next Jay’s star
Where did she put Fip In a terrarium on the shelf next to the window.
Who was Lerner’s best friend Marie
What is Bobby Ripper’s Attackaterrier’s name Ripper
What does Lerner’s father do He’s a vet
Who was Lerner’s babysitter Mrs. Chilling
What is Lerner’s cat’s name Martha
Lerner locked herself in her room and did what Cut her hair
What did the Chanse’s have for dinner Chicken and Biscuits
What music did they play as they were making dinner Beatles
Where did Dr. Jay work Figer National Observatory
How big was his telescope 10 meters
What was Lerner’s goal on the third day at school Barf at the lunch table
What was on the menu at school Spinach soufflé
Who brought in extra credit the 3rd day Bobby Nitz
What was the title of the article Jay’s Star Missing
What did Lerner notice That Fip had grown to the size of three rice grains
What did Fip eat from the lunch menu Spinach soufflé
What did Bobby do at lunch? Crumple the lunch menu and throw it to Lerner (with Fip inside)
Who was chief lunch lady Mrs. Gormano
What did she mix in the pans Twelve drums of spinach, twelve cases of eggs, and twelve gallons of powdered cheese substance.
How long does it take to bake spinach soufflé Fifty minutes
What did Lerner have for lunch that day Carrot sticks and peanut butter sandwich
What did Mrs. Gormano have on her head A bag of frozen peas
Who did Lerner call from the pay phone Sal’s House of Spinach
Who is the librarian Mrs. Popocheskovich
What book is she reading Improve Your English
What did she call Lerner Cookie
What book did Lerner need A book on worms
Where did they put Fip An Old ink bottle
What did the note say in language arts “Congradulations your a slug!”
What did Lerner do to it correct it “Congratulations you’re a slug!”
Who got detention for passing notes Lerner and Sharmaine Cabott
Where was the Avalanche Woman Mountain Convalescent Center
Who was her nurse Cathy Cabill
What did they end up ordering for lunch Pizza
What did she say Hallelujah! Finally some decent food!
What did she empty out of her backpack Flavor True gum and movie stub
What color was her house in Wisconsin yellow
What day from her pocket calendar did she want Fip to eat September 1
What was wrong with the date it was from next year’s calendar
After detention what label did Lerner want Fip to eat Vending Machine No. 203
What hit the floor when the vending machine disappeared Candy bars and quarters
Who came over when Lerner was putting them in her bookbag Sharmaine
What did Lerner do Piled the candy on Sharmaine’s books and say “Merrry Christmas from a SLUG”
Who is the principal of the middle school Eve Norker
What was she announcing The theft of the vending machine
What is the candy bar Lerner ate last night Goo Choos
What did Fip eat next Photosynthesis Exam
How long did it take for the tests to disappear 3 seconds
What did Mr. Droan do about the missing tests Gave everyone detention after school until the tests are returned.
Who never had detention Winny the SLUG
Randy and Reba passed notes with what threat Whoever did this we will find you. No one gets us in trouble.
What did Bobby do with his Fold it into a glider and hit Reba in the back of the head.
What were they to work on in history Everyday Life in Colonial America reports
Who wrote genuine Grade-A poems in a spiral notebook Sharmaine
Who also kept a secret journal Lerner
Who said “Knowledge is Power” Francis Bacon
Who is in charge of the National Pet Owners Association Sandy Scooper
Why did city officials order Attackaterriers to be muzzled and chained It Attacked a toddler
What did Lerner pull out of her backpack in the library A Nutty Munch
Who did she hand a candy bar to Winny
She passed Nutty Muches to all the SLUGs but one, who Bobby Nitz
What did she write on the wrappers “For SLUGS only”
What did she write on Sharmaines “You are hereby invited to become a SLUG”
Who was the owner of vending machine No. 203 Brian Coleberg
What did Fip eat next The M in Marie and then Attackaterriers
Who was Mr. Robert Nitz Sr Bobby’s dad, a very important prosecutor
Who was Mrs. Nitz A very important flower arranger
Why was Bobby’s dad mad Because Ripper was gone and he might bite someone and they’d get sued. Ripper cost a lot of money.
Who pretended to be the teacher on Bellitas Island Boris the bodyguard
What did Lucia write on the board Frio Re Bampas (in Bellitan language)
What does it mean Free the Children
What was supposed to be written See Spot Run.
What did the sign say on the door Lucia entered Storage
What was the real sign supposed to say Beware of Dogs
How many dogs were in the pen with Lucia 20
What did Fip eat next Attacka from “Attackaterriers”
What did the dogs do to Lucia Lick her cheek
Who was the FBI Investigator Ms. Ferret
What did she wear A wrinkled khaki suit and dark green sunglasses
Who hid in the back seat of Ms. Ferret’s car Lucia
What was on Mr. Droan’s desk that morning A note saying “Look for the tests in Nitz’s locker. Signed, Anonymous
Where did Mr. Droan take Bobby To the principals office
What was gone from Lerner’s locker Her experiment notebook and Fip’s bottle
Who took them Bobby
Where did Bobby sit for detention the library
What did Bobby take from Norker’s office A memo (Mr. Droan’s suitable proposal)
Bobby pushed Lerner in the library and what fell off the table A globe
What did Fip eat in the library Mr. Droan’s suit
What was he wearing then Striped boxer shorts
What did Lucia wave A white banner
What did she write on it in lipstick Re Bampas Iste Frio! ( The Children are free)
She gave Fip to the principal and what did she think would happen She get a medal of honor for discovering a new species and be appointed an X files consultant
What did Lerner have Fip eat the next morning Mr. Robert Nitz’s meanness toward Bobby.
Who came over Lerner’s house to talk about the “school situation” Mr. Nitz
What did the Chanse’s do to Lerner as punishment Made her apologize to Bobby, gave her extra chores to pay for the candy bars and told her to write apology letters to Mr. Droan and the owner of the vending machine (return the money as well).
What was stuck to her window that night A paper airplane with a suction cup tip that said “thanks”.
Who sent it Bobby
Who lost the power of speech from shock Dr. William Jay
Where did he want the avalanche woman to come to see him Tucson
What color was Lerner’s quilt Yellow
What did Fip look like now He was a dark rosy brown, the size of a paperclip
What letters did Fip eat accidentally Oxyg
What pretend word did Lerner write to feed Fip Gurkengabel
What kind of day was Bobby having A lazy, ordinary, stay-at-home day
What did he have for breakfast Pancakes
Lerner ripped the bottom of her exam and wrote what Meeting at recess. SLUGs only. Pass it on.
What did Winny want to get rid of Cigarettes
Julio wanted to get rid of Poverty
What are Gurkengabels Pickle forks
Where did they disappear from the Klunk Museum in Stuttgart
Who is the director Frau Klunk
What did Lerner and the SLUGS give Fip to eat MPOOE club
What did Reba want to disappear Cleveland Middle School
How did Randy and Reba get everyone out of the school A fire drill during fifth hour
What did Fip eat then CLEVEL
Where was Archibald Mack sent the Helvetica Correctional Prison
What color did Archibald Mack’s hair turn Gray from Blonde
How long does Clevel brand hair dye last 3 months
What is the white worm from the dictionary called Poly
What do bookworms eat The glue in the binding of old books.
Who dislikes them Librarians
What did Poly write with Her bristles dipped in chocolate chip (chocolate ink)
What did he write Fip’s magic
The student-earned money was supposed to be for a copying machine but what did student demand it be spent on New Sports equipment for recess.
Who was the Service Award Winner Mrs. Gormano
What was Sal’s House of Spinach new original recipe – Spinach pouffle
What was Mr. Droan’s new job Prison guard
Who wed? Astronomer William Jay and the Avalanche woman
What was Mr. Chanse’s new medicine called Martha’s Magic
Who invented the head dance Nunzy Shadel
Who predicted something is going to happen on Sept. 1 Madame Suzanne
Created by: janicejohn
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