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Ancient India

I.a subcontinent-means Large distinguished part of a continent ex. India, North America
I.b mountains i. Hindu Kush ii. Himalayas
I.c rivers i. Indus River ii. Ganges River
I.d Monsoon Cycle 1. ___ monsoon 2. ____ monsoon i. 2 Monsoons/year wet monsoon-moist air blows in from the sea dry monsoon-wind blows back to the sea
II.a Harappa & Mohenjo-Daronnn i. centralized government? ii. well-organizede cities 1.___ 2.___ 3.___ i. yes ii. yes 1.grid cities(like a easy puzzle) 2.sewer system wheat, barley, sesame, _Chickens_ (domesticated)
II.b Aryans i. Social structure? 1. Caste system ii. weapons 1. Harappans used____weapons ii.sanskrit-__system 1.vedas a.basis for___ b. priest/holy men-___ __ on the social structure i. strict 1.basi for the caste system ii. chariots&iron weapons 1 bronze ii.writing 1.a Hinduism b. very high
III.a warship&tradition___through the world b. trimurti-means? i.Brahma-"the__",ect. ii.Shiva-"the__",ect. iii.Vishnu-"the__",ect. iii.a vary b. the trinity of Bramah the creator, Siva the destroyer, Vishnu the preserver origanated from sanskrit-tri 'three'+mŪrti 'form'
iii.c reincarnation-means? d. karma i."to do" ii. actions impact future life/lives e. caste system i. Brahmin-priest(______level) iii.c rebirth of a soul in a new body d.wut comes around comes back around e. i. highest Kshatriya-rulers Vaisya-landowners, merchants, herders Sudra-peasents, servents untuchables-"outcast"-"unclean"-worst jobs
III.f Dharma i.rules for behavior in the___system ii. follow rules=__social status in next life iii.f i. Caste ii. improve
IV.a Siddhartha Gautama i.raised a Hindu___ ii.Nepal b.__sights i.sick man, old man, dead man, ascetic(means?) ii. seeks ___ iii.f prince ii.b the four i.ascetic=at peace(like a monk) iii.elightenment
IV.c i. "the enlighten one" ii. sets the__ways to correctly think,behave,live d. the 4 noble truth-___ _____ _____ ______ IV. ii.8 d. suffering, wanting, stop wanting, eightfold path
IV.e eightfold path i. "the___path" ii. sets the 8 ways to correctly _____,_______, and _______ IV.e ii. think, behave, and live
IV.f. Nirvana ii. ____ spiritual level ii. ends the cycle of________ IV.f i. highest ii. reincarnation
V.a Chandragupta Maurya-1st emperor (___) b. ____-grandson/ buddhist emperor i. violence= converted to Buddhism ii. spread Buddhism throughout __ _ Asia V. a.Maurya b. Asoka ii. SE Asia
V.c____ I- first emperor (Gupta) i. took name of the Mauryan emperor d. _____ age i. time of great achievement ii. poetry, literature, drama iii. math 1. number system 1-9 2. zero 3. decimal & base 10 V.c Chandragupta d. golden age
V. astronomy 1. 365 days per year 2. earth is round 3. earth revolves around the sun (year) 4. earth rotates on its axis (day) india discovered a lot
Created by: StephE
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