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Geo Mod 9/Ch 6 #2

Geo Mod 9/Ch 6 #2: N. America

US and Canada are both _____ in world politics but have different political _____ Dominant; Roots
US broke violently and completely from ______ while Canada broke ______ Great Britain; Peacefully
US and Canada are close in terms of political and economic relations, but there is some conflict with ________ issues (Arctic Zone) Environmental
Canada and US are _____ states in that they give power to units of government beneath the ______ level (ex. state government) Federal; National
Canada had a separatist movement during the 60's in _______, but it has slowed down as ______ populations have increased and further changed the ethnic make up of the province (area) Quebec; Immigrant
North American and Inuit populations continue to assert their political and economic rights with greater success in ______ which favors _________ over assimilation Canada; Multiculturalism
The is concern over the number of ______, legal and undocumented coming to the US Immigrants
There is no _______ consensus in the US about how to handle the influx of immigrants Political
With all of the immigrants coming to the US drug related violence along the US-_______ border is _______ Mexico; Increasing
The US has a long history of foreign ________, especially throughout Latin America, the Caribbean, and Asia, with a lot of it associated with _____ war geopolitics Intervention; Cold
More recently, the US has taking the role of interventionist activities in the _____ Middle East
Resource _______ (primary economic activities) make up 3% of US and 6% of Canadian economies Extraction
The evolution of a nation's labor force is called _______ Transformation Sector
With Sector Transformation, each transformation assumes _______ economic potential and wealthier countries gain larger shares of secondary through _______ sectors Greater; Quaternary
Labor force Sectors: Resource extraction like logging, mining, farming, and fishing is the _______ Sector Primary
Labor force Sectors of MANUFACTURING such as producing furniture, electronics or processed food is the ______ Sector Secondary
Labor Force Sectors of SERVICE ACTIVITIES such as trade, shipping or telecommunication is the ______ Sector Tertiary
Labor Force Sectors of INFORMATION SERVICES such as research is the _______Sector Quaternary
Minority populations such as African Americans, Hispanics, and Native Americans, and Native Canadians in Canada are more likely to be _____ and lack _____ to resources such as health and education services Poor; Access
The gender gap that exists in the region in wages, working conditions, and political power is Gender ______ Inequity
The US is a major player since the 1940s in creating and sustaining a _______ economy Globalized
The US has become a major player in creating a globalized economy through multinational ______ and ______ Corporations; Outsourcing
Created by: scarangelo
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