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Ch 19 Workbook

Review Exercise C

The chest and abdomen are generally almost equal in circumference in the newborn. True/False True
Bony landmarks in infants are easy to palpate and locate. True/False False, they are non-existant
What is the recommended NPO fasting before a 1-year old upper GI? 4 hours before exam
What is the recommended NPO fasting before a 2-month old upper GI? 3 hours before exam
What is the recommended NPO fasting before an infant lower GI? no prep required
What is the recommended NPO fasting before a pediatric IVU? 4 hours (no solid foods)
List five conditions that contraindicate the use of laxatives or enemas in preparation for a lower GI study. Hirschsprung's disease, extensive diarrhea, appendicitis, obstruction, dehydration
Where is the CR centered for an erect abdomen on a small child? 1" above the umbilicus
What is the minimum kV for an AP abdomen projection of a newborn without a grid? 65kV
A grid is required for a pediatric AP abdomen if the abdomen measures more than how many cm? 10
Which projection of the abdomen best demonstrates the prevertebral region? Dorsal decubitus abdomen
What condition is caused by inflammation of the inner lining of the large or small bowel, resulting in death? NEC (necrotizing enterocolitis)
What projection should be performed for a possible meconium ileus? AP erect abdomen
How much barium for an upper GI should be given to a patient newborn - 1 year old? 2-4oz
How much barium for an upper GI should be given to a patient 1-3 years old? 4-6oz
How much barium for an upper GI should be given to a patient 3-10 years old? 6-12oz
How much barium for an upper GI should be given to a patient over 10 years old? 12-16oz
What may be the only recouse if a pediatric patient refuses to drink barium for an upper GI series? Have readiologist pass a nasogastric tube into the patients stomach.
A piece of lead vinyl can be placed beneath the child's lower pelvis during a conventional fluroscopy to reduce the gonadel/mean bone marrow dose. True/False True, should be 1mm thick.
The transit time of the contrast media for reaching the cecum during a small bowel series on a 3-year old child is approximately how long? 1 hour
Latex enema tips should be used for barium enemas for children under the age of 1year. True/False False, potential life threatening allergic reaction to latex.
Small retention enema tips can be used on infants during a barium enema to help barium retention. True/False False, may perforate the rectum.
What type of contrast media is recommended for reducing an intussusception? air enema
What is the maximum height for the barium enema bag above the tabletop before the beginning of a procedure? 3 feet
Vesicoureteral reflux backward flow of urine from the bladder into the ureters and kidneys
Wilm's tumor malignant tumor of the kidney common in children under the age of 5 years
What is the most common pathologic indication for a voiding cystourethrogram? UTI
Which positions are frequently performed during a VCUG on a pediatric patient? AP and Obliques (LPO, RPO)
It is difficult to distinguish the small bowel from the large bowel on a plain abdomen on an infant. True/False True, the haustra of the large bowel are not as apparent and little body fat exists.
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