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Ch 19 Workbook

Review Exercise B

On an AP/PA pediatric chest technical factors will include use of grid or nongrid. Non-grid
On an AP/PA pediatric chest the SID, AP supine chest is: 50-60"
On an AP/PA pediatric chest the SID, PA erect chest is: 72", 2yrs and up, shows fluid levels
The kV range for an AP/PA pediatric chest is: 70-80kV
How is the image receptor placed on an AP/PA pediatric chest? lenghtwise or crosswise crosswise
The kV range generally used for a lateral chest. 75-80kV
Should a grid be used for a 2year old lateral chest? No
The approximate age for effective use of the Pigg-o-stat on an erect PA and lateral chest is from infancy to ________. 2yrs of age
When should a chest exposure be initiated for a crying child? 2nd full inspiration of the chest
Which radiographic structures are evaluated to determine rotation on a PA projection of the chest? Equal distance from the lateral rib margins on each side to the spine.
What is the x-ray tube alignment for a lateral projection of the chest if the patient is on an tam-em board? tube alignment is centered in a horizontal beam lateral position to mid-coronal plane of the thorax at the level of the mamillary line.
How many ribs are visualized above the diaphragm on a well inspired erect chest radiograph taken on a young pediatric patient? nine and occasionally 10
It is important to place the foot into a true AP and lateral positions when performing a clubfoot study. True/False False, no attempt is made to straighten the foot; obtain 2 projections 90degrees from each other.
It is possible to provide gonadal shielding for both male and female pediatric patients for AP and lateral projections of the hips. True/False True, if placed correctly.
What size image receptor should be used for a skull routine on a 6-year old patient? 10x12, childs skull is near adult size
Which CR angulation will place the petrous ridges in the lower one-third of the orbits with an AP reverse Caldwell projection of the skull? 15degree cephalad to OML
Which of the following pathologic indicators would apply to a pediatric skull series? osteomyelitis, CHD, mastoiditis, hyaline membrane disease mastoiditis
Which skull positioning line is placed perpendicular to the film for an AP Towne 30degree caudal projection of the skull? IOML, OML, MML, AML OML, orbitomeatal line
Parental assistance for skull radiography is preferred rather than using head clamps and a mummy wrap on a pediatric patient. True/False False, this immobilization technique is very effective if done correctly
Children over 5years of age can usually hold their breath after a practice session. True/False True, by the age of 2-3years children can be talked through a diagnostic radiographic study.
At the level of which structure or landmark is the central ray placed for correct centering of an AP, PA, or lateral chest? midthorax, mammillary (nipple) line
At the level of which structure of landmark is the central ray placed for correct centering for an AP abdomen (infants and small children)? 1 inch above the umbilicus
At the level of which structure or landmark is the central ray placed for correct centering for an AP supine abdomen (older children)? the level of the iliac crest
At the level of which structure or landmark is the central ray placed for correct centering of an AP Skull? glabella and parallel to OML (orbitomeatal line)
Created by: sunshineb