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Beudoin Video

Geo Beudoin Videl

The Bedouins have lived in Negev for centuries and have claimed large track of souther Israel. currently they are in dispute with the Israell govt over land use. the Nomadic Bedouin claim the government of Israel wants to use the disputed land for what? The land is being appropriated to build housing for Jewish Immigrants
What food is considered to be the stable of Bedouin diet? Flatbread
Bedouin culture dictates that male guests are not invited into the Bedouin home because: They do not mix with he Bedouin women
What are unrecognized Villages? Home to the Nomadic Bedouin tribespeople who have not sold their lands to the Israeli government
This country is a member of the Arab League United Arab Emirates
The US military has bases in several SW Asia countries including Iraq, Turkey, Behrai, Qatar, UAE and Saudi Arabia. Which other country int he region also hosts a US Military base? Oman
Which of the following countries in the SW Asia and N. Africa has nuclear facilities? Iran
Which of these cultural groups of SW Asia and N. Africa has no state to call its own?Q Kurdish people
______ has the largest number of US military bases in the SW Asia N. Africa region Iraq
______ is the only Shiite Islamist state int he region Iran
______ settlements can be found in Syris, Turkey, Iran and Iran Kurdish
What is the basis of the UN Partition Plan of 1947? Division of Palestine based religion
Who are the indigenous people who have been displaced by Jewish settlements in Israel? Palestinians
How would you characterize the areas under full or partial Palestinian control? Many small zones scattered throughout the West Bank
Where is the greatest concentration of Israeli settlements? Surrounding Jerusalem
Israel once held land that was part of Jordan, but ____ it Returned
The security barrier will make it difficulty for residents of the West Bank to enter _____ Israel
The conflict b/t Israelis and Palestinians is not _____ Resolved
Israel has ______ the amount of land that it controls since the original UN Partision Plan of 1947 Increased
Created by: scarangelo
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