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Geo Ch. 4 #3


The geographical center of early Empires in MENA Fertile Crescent
Regional empires developed in MENA because people _______ plants and animals Domesticated
The new technologies of domestication signaled the transition from _______ and gathering to _______ and pastoral societies Hunting; Agricultural
During the Neolithic/New Stone Age, farmers and herders began _____ farming which mean they relied solely on _______ Dry; Rainfall
Towns and cities emerged as a result of _______ competition to _____ the regions limited resources Political; Control
The invention of the ______ allowed building of ______ (wet farming) systems Plough; Irrigation
________ civilizations emerged from ____ farming Hydraulic
Hydraulic Civilizations used control of ______ and the food that came from it, as weapons of ______ Water; Control
_______ had control of MENA for 2000 years by developing a _____ system and controlling the water in the Tigress/Euphrates River systems Babylon; Canal
Babylon's canal system led to increased agricultural productions, military strength, a long distance ______ network and organized extensive _______ and political control Trade; Religious
MENA was the birthplace of ____ World Religions 3
The 3 World Religions of MENA were ______, Christianity, and_____ Judaism; Islam
The oldest religion is _______; 3500 years ago Judaism
Christianity is _____ years old 2000
______ is the youngest of the religions and is 1300 years old Islam
Unlike Judaism, Christianity, and Islam seek ______ Converts
MENA has some of the oldest _____ centers due to humans adapting to climates by domesticating animals/plants, developing agricultural systems and building irrigation networks to support larger _______ Urban; Settlements
The most important invention of the Mesopotamian culture is the ______ system Writing
The ______ Empire was made of _____ Muslims Ottoman; Turkish
The Ottoman Empire replaced the Christian ______ as political power in 1100 CE Greeks
Ottoman Empire ruled for ____ years 700
By the mid 19th century, ______ began to take over MENA and exposed them to democracy which led to the emergence of the ______ Movements Europeans; Nationalist
Groups of people who share common elements of culture (language, religion, history) is called the ________ Nationalist Movement
The Nationalist Movement was a problem for the Ottoman Empire who had ruled through _____ power Imperial
The Ottoman Empire was reduced seized after WWI leaving what is modern day ______ Turkey
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