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Geo Ch. 4 #2


MENA is home to a number of ______ ranges and 2 major _____ systems Mountain; River
The mountain ranges in North Africa through Turkey and into Iran were produced by _____ activity Tectonic
The mountains in MENA generate rainfall that fees that _______ and arid regions Rivers
______ is a precious commodity in MENA as there are only 2 freshwater river systems Water
The _____ river is in East Africa and flows from the Ethiopian Plateau across the ______ to Sudan and into the Mediterranean Nile; Sahara
The Nile river flows through some of the ______ conditions on the planet Dryest
The Tigress and Euphrates Rivers are the lifeblood of the region's inhabitants for 1000's years and is a source of _____ Conflict
The Tigress River flows through _______ and forms part of the Syria/Turkey ______ Iraq; Border
Euphrates River flows through ______ Syria
Oases, Water Mining, and Desalinization are 3 ways MENA accesses _______ Freshwater
______ has the most efficient desalinization plants in the world Israel
The use of oil/petroleum became popular with the use of internal combustion during _____ WWI
To consolidate control over global petrols (oil) 5 US and 2 UK companies began drilling in ______ in the early 1900s Iran
MENA started _______ when they got angry at the US and UK companies whose drilling resulted in cuts in oil prices. They wanted to coordinate oil policies OPEC
The first _____ crisis happened in 1970 when OPEC cut back on _______ Oil; Production
In 1979 countries got nervous about their _____ on MENA for oil so they began to develop efficiency standards for care and industrial production systems and Russian and US increased oil production, which drove ______ prices Oil; Down
Some scientists say we have depleted at least _____ the worlds oil reserves and some say we have over estimated what we have by ____ 1/2; 1/3
Increasing amounts of petroleum is ending up in animal and human food ________ due to it ending up in _______ due to spills and products being converted to plastic Chains; Oceans
____ have altered the landscape of MENA to the point where some animals and plants are now _____ Humans; Extinct
Semi arid lands in MENA have become grazed and less productive leading to desertlike conditions is called ______ Desertification
MENA is trying to protect/preservice their environment through _____ and _______ by planting new tree seeds or new trees Reforestation; Afforestation
The first humans in MENA who domesticated plants created _____ permanent settlements between 10-20 thousand years ago Semi
The first humans in MENA created the earliest large scale societies and inventions such as writing, ______ and cultural-______ systems Math; Religious
MENAs inventions of writing, math, and cultural religious systems spread through the world through global ______, ______, and empires Trade; Migration
______ colonization, global political ______ and thirst for oil have had enormous impact on MENA European; Conflicts
Created by: scarangelo
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