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Geo Ch. 4 #1


A symbol of Dubai's urban and economic growth and diversity, with luxury hotels and high class amenities Saadiyat Island
The Dubai Plan 2021 is a ______ CITY that is to have inclusiveness, ______ and good governance SMART; Sustainability
The building of Dubai's Smart City is leading to _______ labor with workers from Bangladesh and Pakistan living in substandard living conditions Exploitative
MENA is a diverse region with pine forests, ______ and great plains Deserts
______ have created highland environments and sources of _______ for the Nile and Tigress/Euphrates Rivers Plates; Water
Human______ to the environment in MENA led to some of the earliest ______ societies in the world Adaptation; Agricultural
MENA's dominate climate is ______ Aridity
MENA lowlands are extremely ____ and during the summer the ______ get visitors who are trying to escape the heat of the lowlands Lowlands; Highlands
MENA has low (<10) ______ except near the coastal mountain area Precipitation
Much of MENA's soil is _______ with few nutrients so agriculture must be ______ Thin; Irrigated
MENA does have great soil for agriculture in the lowlands, coastal plains and the floodplains along the ______ Nile
Most precipitation in MENA occurs on the ______ ranges Mountain
Turkey, Iran, and Lebanon are ______ sources for MENA's lowlands Water
The coastal areas in MENA get 40+ inches of rain/year so the rain lets them do "_____ " and they do not need irrigation Dry Farming
MENA architecture includes ____ ceilings, thick walls, and shady courtyards to help reduce the ______ High; Heat
To deal with MENA ______, peoples patterns of daily and season activity changes- move to the mountains in the summer and ______ in the winter Aridity; Lowlands
Plants and animals have _____ to MENA's arid climate Adapted
Many countries have joint UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol as they realized they are susceptible to _____ change due to their arid climate Climate
MENA coastal areas are at risk for climate change due to rising sea levels encroaching on _____ systems in low lying areas Freshwater
MENA produces a lot of carbon so some countries receive payment for investing in climate change projects to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This is called _______ Market Carbon
Egypt, Tunisia, Jordan, Algeria, Morocco, Iran, and Saudi Arabia participate in Carbon Market to get paid joining projects to reduce _______ ______ emissions Greenhouse Gas
Created by: scarangelo
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