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General Safety

first In all wood working operations, be sure to consider safety______.
instructor Your ________ must be present at all times when working in the shop.
required Some form of eye protection is ________ when working on any machine or when ever eye hazards exist.
NOT Shouting, yelling, and horseplay are ___ allowed in the shop.
reported All accidents in the shop must be ________ to your instructor.
break Your lumber must be clean, new material that is free of nails, rocks, concrete, or other junk that may damage or _____ the tools.
fire Do not hang clothes or other items from the ____ extinguisher.
brush When cleaning off the bench tops, use a _____ to remove dust and shaving; do not use your hands - you may pick up splinters.
trip Keep the floors, aisles, and passageways clear so that people do not ____ or fall over the cords, lumber, or tools.
hands Be sure to dry your _____ before touching any electrical cords, tools, or receptacles.
clean If you spill oil, water, or any other liquid on the floor, ______ it up immediately.
feet Sandals may not be worn in the shop because of potential injuries to your _____.
away When working with sharp edged tools like chisels, be sure to keep your hands clear of the cutting edge and cut ____ from your body.
removed Long sleeves, loose clothing, and loose jewelry must be _______ when operating any machine.
up or back Long hair must be tied ________ to keep it from getting caught in turning parts of the machine.
permission All students must have ___________ to operate any machine.
ALL Keep the machinery guards in position at ____ times.
operating Don’t talk or distract a student while he/she is ________ a machine.
allowed Only the teacher and a student operator are ________ within the working area around a machine.
job/ task Always give full attention to the _______ that you are doing.
stop Make sure that your machine comes to a full and complete _____ before cleaning or making any adjustments to the machine.
approval Any special set-ups or special cuts on a saw must have the ________ of your instructor.
stop If your machine is making irregular noises or does not seem to be operating normally, immediately _____ the machine and notify your instructor.
stop Wait for the machine to come to a complete _____ before walking away.
required When working with round or irregularly shaped materials, special jigs will be __________ ,as well as the approval of your instructor.
eye Whenever there is a chance of flying particles, the student must wear safety glasses, goggles, or some other form of ____ protection.
person Compressed air can be dangerous. Do not point the air nozzle at another ______ or hold it directly against the skin.
spontaneous Oily rags can burst into flames due to ___________ combustion and therefore must be disposed if in a special can located in the finishing room.
stop When in doubt about any woodworking operation, _____ your machine and ask your instructor for assistance.
others Students must develop good safety habits, because they are for your protection and the protection of ______.
Created by: Room224
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