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Jointer Safety

12 The shortest length of stock that can be safely run on the jointer is ___ inches.
GUARD All unused portions of the cutter head must be covered by the ______.
LARGE PUSH STICK When face jointing flat stock, use the ________________ to feed the stock.
PUSH STICK When edge jointing narrow stock, use the ___________ to feed the stock.
1/4 The thinnest stock that can be safely face jointed is ___ inch.
FENCE To produce a bevel edge, the jointer ______ may be tilted to angle up to 45 degrees.
INFEED The _______ table is raised or lowered to adjust the depth of the cutter.
OUTFEED Students should not adjust the ________ table, as this is done only the instructor at the time when new knives are installed.
1/16 The heaviest cut allowed is ____ inch, however a much cleaner cut is usually achieved with a 1/32" or less.
FINGERS Never hook your _______ over the ends of the boards - instead use a push stick.
DISCARDED Stock that has loose knots or splits should be__________.
FACES DOWN For warped or bowed stock, the concave surface _________ on the jointer table.
SHORTEST The tape on the top edge of the fence represents the _________ length of stock that can be safely run on the jointer.
NEVER Plywood and other man-made materials that quickly damage the jointer knives must ______ be run across the jointer.
STOP Be sure the jointer has come to a complete ______ before cleaning or making any adjustments.
REQUIRED As with the other machines, eye protection is ________ when operating the jointer.
EDGE End grain should not be jointed, only surface grain and _____ grain can be jointed.
Created by: Room224
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