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Geo Mod. 6 #3

N. Africa and Middle East

North Africa/Middle East region was dominated by the _____ Empire from 1550-1850 Ottoman
North Africa/Middle East was later occupied by _______ colonialism between 1850s and WWII European
______ and ______ were never directly occupied by Europeans Persia; Turkey
North Africa/Middle East now has modern boundaries that have been drawn by European powers with no regard for ______ or other differences Ethnic
North Africa/Middle East has _____ links through religious ties and tradition of pilgrimage Global
North Africa/Middle East people have conflict between _____ values and ______ economical links Traditional; Global
______ Fundamentalism feels _____ by external cultural influences Islamic; Threatened
A series of public protests, strikes and rebellions in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, and Yemen aimed at governmental corruption, limited opportunities for democracy and free elections, rising food prices, high unemployment, and poverty Arab Spring Rebellions
The religious division that occurred in 632 CE after the death of Muhammad resulted in the _____ and _____ religions and is a source of conflict Sunni; Shi'a Islam
The _____ religion advocate for power passing through the clergy Sunni
The _______ religion favors power passing within Muhammad's family Shiites
_______ was created as a state for Jewish people in 1948 in what was _______ Israel; Palestine
When Israel took over Palestine, the Palestinian population was ________ Displaced
There are remnants of Palestine currently _______ occupied by ______ Forces, according the the United Nations Security Council Illegally; Israeli
Israeli settlements are continuing to _____ and millions more Palestinians are in ______ Expand; Exile
The United States ______ the illegal occupation of Israeli's in Palestine Funds
There is uneven distribution of ______ and widespread political _______ in the Middle East Resources; Instability
The Middle East has some of the _____ wealth as well as some of the ______ areas Greatest; Poorest
Regions ________ from massive ____ reserves include Saudia Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, and United Arab Emirates Prospering; Oil
North Africa and Middle East lower income oil producers include _____, _____, and Algeria Iraq; Iran
North Africa and Middle East regions that are prospering WITHOUT oil and have diversified economies include ____ and _____ Israel; Turkey
North Africa/Middle East has very high _______ rates in Egypt, Yemen, and Sudan Poverty
Created by: scarangelo
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