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Geo Mod 4 #5

Russia, Central Asia, Transcaucasus 5

________, although privatized in Post Soviet Era, changed little in terms of productivity and distribution Agriculture
Natural resources and industry, have come under _____ management in the post soviet economy State
Outside of Russia proper, industry _______ initially as subsidies (government aid) were withdrawn Collapsed
Today, successes of Russia's new economy are ______ visible with new malls, buildings and housing subdivisions Increasingly
Even though the economy is improving in Russia, ______ continues to be a defining feature of everyday life Poverty
Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Turkmenistan have benefitted from _____ resources Energy
_______ has smaller fossil fuel reserves, is densely populated with farms suffering from over stress and is the worlds 5th largest cotton exporter and has large deposits of gold another minerals Uzbekistan
Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan control ______ resources but are both very ______ Water; Poor
Post-Soviet Era Russia has resulted in the demise (death/ending) of state supported _______ and the _____ in lifestyle health issues like heart disease Healthcare; Increase
_______ against women is common and government authorities have been ____ to respond Violence; Slow
A widespread problem against women is _____ trafficking Human
Russia remains a source area for ______ brides Internet
Central Asia women had more _____ in pastoral societies than women in agricultural and urban societies of the _____ Autonomy; South
"_____ _____" is on the rise in areas such as Kyrgyzstan Bride Abduction
Under ______ rule, efforts were made to educate women and place them in the ______ Communist; Workforce
In some areas today attempts are being made to _____ women from gaining and ______ or employment Prevent; Education
Created by: scarangelo
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