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Unit 10 B19

abominable (adj) arousing hadred; disgusting, detestableS-hateful, despicable, loathesomeA-praiseworthy, delightful, chramingI saw an abominable snowman.
bumbling (adj) blundering and awkward; (n) clumsinessS- (adj) clumsy, stumblinlgA- (adj) forceful, effective, skillful, adriotYou're a bumbling fool.
consequence (n) a result, effect; importantS: outcome, significanceA: cause, sourceThere will be consequences for your actions.
delude (v) to fool, deceive; to mislead utterlyS: trick, hoodwinkElmo deluded me into thinking I was rich.
dole (v) to give out in small amounts; (n) money, food, or other nescessities given as charity; a small portionS: (v) ration, allot, distribute;(n) handoutThe government doled out food.
engulf (v) to swallow up, overwhelm consumeS:envelop, encompass, immerseEmmet was engulfed by a giant fish.
foil (v) to defeat; to keep from gaining some end; (n) a thin sheet of metal; alight fencing sword; aperson or thing serving as a contrast to anotherS: (v) frustrate, thwart, counter; (n)rapierA: (v) aid, abet, assist, advance. promoteI foil evil plans.
formulate (v) to express definitely or systematically; to devise, invent; to state as a formulaS: define, articulate, frame, specifyWe must formulate an evil plan.
initiative (n) the taking of the first step or move; the ability to act without being directed or urged from the outsideS: leadership, enterpriseA: laziness, sloth, shiftlessnessI took the initiative to start on the project.
memento (n) something that serves as a reminderS: rememberance, keesake, souvenir, tokenThis rock is a memento of our trip to the mountains.
nonconformist -sentence would not fit on other side. He was a nonconformist. (n) a person who refuses to follow establisahed ideas or ways of doing things;(adj) of or relating to the unconventionalS: (n) maverick, individualist, bohomianA: (n,adj) traditionalist, conventionalist; (adj) traditional, conventional, conservative
null and void (adj) without legal force or effect; no longer bindingS: canceled, invalid, repealed, abolishedA: in effect, binging, validThe contract I signed became null and void.
panorama (n) a wide, unobtructed view of an area; a complete servey of a subject; a continously passing or changing scene; a range or spectrumS: vista, overviewLook at the lovely panorama.
posterity (n) all of a person's offspring, descendants; all future genarationsA: ancestry, ancestors, forebears, the pastI will give all of my money to my posterity.
pry (v) to pull loose by force; to look at closely or inquisitively; to be nosy about something.S: snoop, meddleI pried the nail out of the wood.
refurbish (v) to brighten, freshen, or polish; to restore or improveS: remodel, renew, spruce upA: dilapidate, run downI will refurbish the house and then sell it.
resourceful (adj) able to deal promptly and effectively with all sorts of problems; clever in finding ways and means of getting alongS: inventive, ingenious, skillfulA: uninventive, incompetent, dull-wittedI am a very resourceful person.
rigorous (adj) severe, harsh, strict; thoroughly logicalS: tough, trying, challenging, stringentA: easy, lax, indulgent, undemandingI have done rigorous physical activity.
subsequent (adj) coming after; following in time, place, or order S: following, later, next, succeding, ensuring A: previous, prior, preceding I will be rich in the days subsequent to winning the lottery.
unerring (adj) making no mistakes, faultless, completely accurate S: sure certain unfailing A: fault, fallible, unreliable I am unerring when it comes to memorizing things.
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