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Study for quiz on 01/28/22.

What is the Fertile Crescent? The region of rich, fertile land in the Middle East
What is Irrigation? Bringing fresh water to crops from a distant source. Usually done by digging canals
What is an Arid climate mean? Climate that is hot and dry with very little rain (Most common climate in the Middle East)
What is Mesopotamia? Term meaning land between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers
What is Cuneiform? A Sumerian Writing System that include wedge shaped symbols and lines
What is a Pharaoh? Name for the ruler of ancient Egypt
What are Hieroglyphics? Ancient Egyptian writing system using pictures for words and sounds
What is a Delta? Triangular-shaped land formed from sediment deposits at the mouth of a river
What is Silt? Nutrient-rich sediment carried by rivers. Provides fertile soil when floods deposit it on river banks
What is Mummification? Process of preserving a dead body using salt and other chemicals to remove moisture and prevent decomposition
What is a Papyrus? Water plant grown widely in ancient Egypt along the banks of the Nile River. Used for a variety of purposes, most famously a form of paper
What does it mean to be Monotheistic? The religious belief in one god
What does it mean to be Polytheistic? The religious belief in more than one god .
What is Islam? Most practiced religion in the Middle East region. Believe in one God Allah. Follow the 5 Pillars of Islam
What are rivers essential for? Drinking, washing, and watering crops
What are plains ideal for? For crops
What do mountains and deserts provide? Protection from invaders
What does NET help you remember? The three rivers in the fertile crescent
What does the N in NET stand for? The Nile River
What does the E in NET stand for? The Euphrates River
What does the T in NET stand for? The Tigris River
What does GRAPES help you remember? Characteristics in civilizations
Which is the first civilization? Sumerians
What is the first Empire under Sargon? Akkadians
Which civilization has brutal warriors and advanced weapons/tactics? Assyrians
Which civilization was known for King Hammurabi who developed a strict code of laws? Babylonians
What were Mesopotamia's achievements? A Writing System (Cuneiform) The Wheel and Axle Hammurabi’s Code of Laws The Phonecian Alphabet.
What were the Egyptian achievements? Pyramids, Hieroglyphics, 365 day calendar, some medicine, and Papyrus.
Who is the Pharaoh who was the central ruler and built the Great Pyramid? Khufu
Which Pharaoh is famous for culture? Senusret I
Which Pharaoh was the first female know for her trade? Hatshepsut
Which Pharaoh had strong military and built many monuments? Ramses II
Who is the founder of Judaism? Abraham
Who is the founder of Christianity? Jesus
Who is the founder of Islam? Muhammad.
What is the holy book for Judaism? Torah
What is the holy book for Christianity? Holy Bible
What is the holy book for Islam? Koran or Quran
What are the major holidays for Judaism? Yom Kippur, Rosh Hashanah, Canukkah, and Passover
What are the major holidays for Christianity? Easter and Christmas
What is the major holiday for Islam? Ramadan
What is the building where Jewish people worship? Synagogue
What is the building where Christian people worship? Church
What is the building where Muslim people worship? Mosque
What is the holy city for Judaism? Jerusalem
What are the holy cities for Christianity? Jerusalem and Bethlehem
What are the holy cities for Islam? Mecca, Medina, and Jerusalem
What are the names of followers for Judaism? Practicing Jews and Hebrews
What is the name for Christianity? Practicing Christians
What is the name for Islam? Practicing Muslims
What is the first pillar of Islam? Proclamation
What is the second pillar of Islam? Prayer
What is the third pillar of Islam? Giving
What is the fourth pillar of Islam? Fasting
What is the fifth pillar of Islam? Pilgrimage (Hajj)
What does the G in GRAPES stand for? Geography
What does the R in GRAPES stand for? Religion
What does the A in GRAPES stand for? Achievements
What does the P in GRAPES stand for? Politics
What does the E in GRAPES stand for? Economics
What does the S in GRAPES stand for? Society
What do Egypt and Mesopotamia have in common? They both developed in the Fertile Crescent
What is a Pyramid? A tomb shaped like a pyramid. Mostly built during the Old Kingdom.
What did Medicine fix in the middle east? Broken bones, herbal remedies, and performed some surgeries.
Created by: Evan_Studies
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