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words chapt 8

med term

emia relationship to blood
hem(o), hemat(o) the blood
lymph(o) lymph, lymphatic glands or vessels
splen(o) the spleen
thromb(o) blood clots or thrombus
leuk(o) white or relationship to leukocyte
erythr(o) red or red blood cell
hemarthrosis accumulation of blood in a joint cavity
hemoptysis spitting or coughing up blood
hematic contained in blood
hemostat an instrument to stop bleeding
hematemesis vomiting blood
septicoma presence of toxin in blood
hemiangioma tumor composed of newly formed blood vessels
oligemia deficiency in volume of blood
lipidemia high concentration of lipids in blood
hematocrit % of red blood cells in whole blood
polycythemia increase in the amount of red blood cells in blood
hyperglycemia excessive amounts of sugar in blood
hemolysis destroying blood cells
leukocytology the study of the science of white blood cells
leukopenia decrease of white blood cells
leukocyte white blood cell
thrombopathy disease involving clotting cells
thrombocyte clotting cell
erythropoiesis formation of red blood cells
thrombopoiesis formation of clotting cells
erythrocytosis increase in the amount of red blood cells
thrombosis formation of clots
erythrocyte red blood cell
thrombolytics agents that dissolve blood clots
erythroclasis splitting of red blood cells
thrombophlebitis inflammation of the vein in which a clot is present
thrombectomy removal of a blood clot
erythropenia decrease in amount of red blood cells
leukemia blood disorder in which leukocytes are not forming correctly
splenorrhagia hemorrhage from the spleen
splenic the spleen
splenectomy excision of the spleen
splenophrenic spleen and diaphragm
splenatrophy wasting or atrophy of the spleen
splenohepatomegaly enlargement of the spleen and liver
splenocele herniation of the spleen
lymphedema swelling in the subcutaneous tissue due to excessive lymph fluid
lymphopoiesis developing lymph
lymphadentitis inflammation of a lymph gland
anemia decrease in the amount of red blood cells in the blood
lymphocytopenia decrease in amount of lymphocytes in blood
lymphostasis stoppage of lymph flow
lymphangioma tumor in a lymphatic vessel
lymphopathy disease of the lymphatic system
lymphocyte white cell that is formed in the lymph glands
hemostatics agents that stop blood flowexample: Amicar
anticoagulants agents that prevent blood clottingexample: Coumadin
Created by: annacolon
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