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U2 Vocab Review

AVERSION A strong feeling of not liking something
aversion Benjamin Franklin had a deep _____ to war, which is why he offered to go to England to try to make peace with the King to avoid the Revolution.
TENACITY The determination to continue what you are doing
tenacity Turbo the snail demonstrated great _____ in finishing the race against a racecar without his power of speed.
AVERT To see coming and ward off; avoid
avert The best way to _____ summer school and avoid stress is by completing assignments on time and participating in class.
persist To continue to do something even though it is difficult
PERSIST Chase Ambrose _____ in telling the truth about stealing the medal despite knowing it could cost him friendships and send him to jail.
FORTITUDE Mental strength and courage that allows someone to face danger and pain
fortitude Will the Resistance have the _____ to risk their lives stand up against the Nazi regime of terror?
GENOCIDE The deliberate and systematic destruction of a religious, racial, national, or cultural group
genocide Hitler and his Nazis shocked the world with their "Final Solution," which was the first publicly documented _____ in modern history.
HOLOCAUST the systematic government killing of six million Jewish people and others by Nazi Germany during World War II
holocaust Survivors of the _____ share their stories so that the voices of the victims make sure the world never repeats the same unforgivable murders.
dogged Marked by stubborn determination
DOGGED Georg Duckwitz, and other members of the Reistance, was _____ in the pursuit of saving the Jewish people from the Nazis.
Created by: nieves.zailey28
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