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medterm test1

medical terminology test 1 (SouthCarolina: clas230)

Condition of enlarged spleen Hepatosplenomegly
excision of the bladder containing bile cholecystectomy
inflammation of the gallbladder cholecystitis
chole-cyst- gallbladder
a condition of stones in the duct containing bile choledochithiasis
cessation of digestion apepsia
around the heart pericardia
pertaining to without a stomach agastric
condition of difficult digestion dyspepsia
outer layer of cells in developing embryo ectoderm
inner layer of cells in developing embryo ectoderm
pertaining to the top layer of skin epidermal
condition of unusually high temperture hyperthermia
pertaining to around the heart pericardial
condition of more then normal sensation hyperesthesia
pertaining to the region over the stomach epigastric
tumor on the muscle and skin dermatomyoma
condition of less then normal pain hypalgesic
pertaining to without sensation anesthetic
condition of without sensation anesthesia
inflammation of the skin dermatitis
tumor of the muscle myoma
abnormal condition of the skin dermatosis
condition of painful intestine dysentery
condition involving the lungs pneumonia
a state of higher blood pressure then normal hypertension
pelvic bone pubis
condition of obstruction of a blood vessel embolism
inflammation of the lungs pnuemonitis
tumor of the bone osteoma
an instrument that expands something dilator
something that forms pus purulent
an agent that facilitates removal of secretion expectorant
resembling mucus mucoid
having a nucleus nucleate
to walk ambulate
littler mass substance molecule
little body (ie blood cell) corpuscle
little mouse (from the shape of a contracted muscle muscle
little key clavicle
little belly centricle
small ear auricle
little skin cuticle
little brain cerebellum
little pan, knee cap patella
little knife scalpel
little bite morsel
little rod bacillus
little almond (mass of lymphatic tissue located in the phyrnx) tonsil
little loaf (small medicate tanblet) pastille
small pit alveolus
small measure modiolus
a little kernel nucleolus
a little artery arteriola
little windpipe bronchiole
little empty space vacuole
a little stone calculus
a little goal stimulus
a little hook hamulus
a little grape uvula
a little vien venule
a small grain granule
circulatear movement of limb or eye circumduction
occuring outside of a blood vessel extravascular
paralysis of one half of the body hemiplegia
below the rib infracostal
between the ribs intercostal
within the substance of the skin intradermal
mild degree of coma from which it is possible to arose the patient semicoma
under the skin subdermal
a subconcious monitor superego
above the pubic arch suprapubic
movement of the limbs towards the body adduction
an appendage appendix
recognize apperception
involutentary muscle contractions convulsion
accompanying as side; by side acessory nerve or vessel collateral
the working together of various muscles coordination
to free from infection disinfect
to breakdown foor into material fit for absorption digest
absorption of a liquid diffusion
the process of breathing inward inhalation
the process of breathing outward exhalation
to transfer a part implant
not jointed inarticulate
not fully developed immature
the making of a part pf a limb unable to move immobilization
movement of limbs away from the body abduction
before the developement of a fever antepyretic
agent against/reduces fever antipyretic
an agent used to prevect conception contraceptive
to deprive the body or tissues from water dehydrate
paralysis of lower portion of the body and limbs paraplegsia
after surgery postoperative
before surgery preoperative
the prediction of course and end of disease prognosis
pertaining to one's own skin autodermic
good, normal digestion eupepsia
poor nutrition malnutrition
subjection sensation of another sense then the one that is being stimulated synesthesia
to plaent over somewhere else transplant
beyond sound ultrasound
the science formation, structure, and function of the cell cytology
the orgin and development of the cell cytogenesis
resembling a cell cytoid
the cytoplasm cytosome
having affinity for or attached by cells cytophillic
cell nucleus cytoblast
destructive to cells cytoclastic
destruction of living cells cytolysis
diminution of cellular elements in blood and other tissue cytopenia
microscopic examination of cells fro the purpose of diagnosis cytoscopy
cell destruction by phagocytosis cytophagy
the separation of the cytoplasm into two parts during mitosis cytokinesis
nuclear pertaining to the nucleus; nucleic
any mesh framework in a nucleus nucleoreticulim
the fluid portion of protoplasm basic or fundalmential hyaloplasm
the outer most layer of the cell protoplasm ectoplasm
the internal most fluid portion of the protoplasm, lying within the ectoplasm endoplasm
a small body of protoplasm primarily found in plant cells plastid
plastid devoid fo color lekoplast(id)
plastid with colod chromoplast(id)
a green chromoplast with an important role in photosynthesis chloroplast(id)
method of cell division mitosis, meosis
hairlike structures cillia and flagellum
Created by: kelso571
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