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Pharmocology The study of drugs and their origin,nature,properties,and effects on living things.
classifications each drug catagorized in a specific catagories.
drug classification 1: by their chemical composion 2: by how they work 3: by the disease they treat
Generic name Reflects the chemical name
brand name The name the manufactors use
indications reason for administrating it to the pt ex(blood pressure)
Contra indication Why pt should not take it
dose amount of drug administerd
Mech of action how drug works
effects desired results
side effects effects the not desired effect
Drugs the chemical substance that causes change
Medicine drug used to prevent something
three qualitys of drugs effectiveness saftey and side effects
prescription what doctor gives you.
over the counter what you buy from the store
classifications analgesics:relives painAntihistamines:helps allergiesAntibiotics: kill bacteriaAntacids: relieve heart burn
Routes of administration sublingual: under toungeOral: drug swallowedInhalation:inhaledInjection: shot
Medication forms Tabletsspraynitroglycerinliquidgelsuspensionpowder
drug forms and routes cap capsuleexil elixergtt dropsupp suppositiorysusp suspentiontab tablet RoutesIm intramuscularIv intravenousPo oralR rectalSubq injection
step to administer med. obtain orderconfirm order
select proper meds. avoid contaminationscheck ex. datedis colorcloudinesverify forminform pt of orderrecheck med.
six rights right medsright doseright timeright routeright ptright documentation
Measurment grain grdrop gttdram drounce ozpint ptquart qt1ml=1cc1tsp=5cc15cc=1tbsp1oz=30cc1 cup=8 oz
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