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Review 6: MIDI

Review #6 - MIDI Theory (Stack #34502)

What does MIDI stand for? Musical Instrument Digital Interface
What does MIDI do? It allows communication between midi-capable devices.
Name the 3 MIDI ports and describe their function. IN - receives data OUT - transmits data THRU - passes data received at devices IN port
Does the MIDI system transmit digital audio data or analog signal? Neither - it carries no audio, only MIDI data.
Over how many channels is MIDI transmitted? 16
What device records, plays back and edits MIDI data? A MIDI sequencer
What do we call a MIDI instrument that can play multple programs, each assigned to its own MIDI channel? Multi-timbral
What is a MIDI workstation? A multi-timbral sampler or synth with a built-in sequencer
What sequencer fuunction is used to shift MIDI data to the closest available rhythmic value? Quantization
What may be good about quantization? It corrects timing errors
What may be bad about quantization? It removes the human feel.
What do we call the device needed to input/output MIDI when using a software sequencer? A MIDI interface
How can we allow the use of more than 16 channels? An interface with multiple outs
What is tempo and how is it measured? The rate or speed of a performance and is measured in beats per minute (BPM)
If we want to automate a mix of MIDI instruments or tracks recorded in the computer, must we use a mixing console with automation? No, the program usually has its own automation features.
What do we call a synth or sampler that is a program run in a computer? Virtual or soft synth/sampler
What do we call a synth or sampler that is self-contained? A hardware synth/sampler
What is an audio interface or sound card? A method of inputting/outputting audio to and from a computer.
What do we call the delay produceed between the time MIDI or audio is input and the time we hear the output? Latency
What is usually used to sync sequencers to multitracks? MIDI Time Code
What do we usually call the creation of a mix file within the sequencer/hard disk recorder? Exporting or bouncing
What is a cycle? A complete change in air pressure or voltage
What do we call the number of times per second a waveform completes a cycle? Frequency
What do we call the speed at which a waveform travels through a medium? Velocity
What is wavelength? the distance it takes for a waveform to complete a cycle
What do we call the amount af change in sound or signal's intensity? Amplitude
What is harmonic content? The relative number and amplitude of overtones and harmonics contained in a sound (balance of frequencies in a sound)
What describes how a waveform's characteristics change over time? Envelope
What do we call the time relationship of a waveform to a known time reference? Phase
What do we call changes in atmoshpheric pressure that occur from 20 to 20,000 times/sec.? Sound
What is audio signal? Changes in voltage that represent sound.
What do we call the visual representation of how sound changes air pressure or signal changes voltage? A Waveform
What is a sampler? A digital recording and playback device with real-time control of pitch.
Into what type of memory does the sampler generally record? RAM
What sampler function removes an unwanted part from beginning or end of sample? Trim or Truncate
What sampler function repeats all or part of a sample? Loop
How much of a copyrighted source may be sampled and used without the owner's permission? None
Created by: sticksmcfly