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music 1-6

What is the final? The most important notes in Gregorian ChantsReciting and final notes
Who were the traviling minstrels of the middle ages who were students? the goliards
This is used to represent a pitch on a musical staff. a note
What is harmony? sound produced by notes or pitches being played at the same time.
What is texture? the combonation of melody and harmony in a piece?
Who was the emperor of Gaul when the lines and spaces were developed for music? Charlemagne
What is the name for any type of peice? genre
What is rythem? all aspects of time in music
What is melody? pitches following one after another in sequence
what is pitch? the frequency in witch a string or air collum.
What cultre attached meaning to mode? the greeks
what is the texure of a typicall Gregorian Chant or Plainsong? Monody
What is another name for a canon? round
What happened in 800 a.d.? The year in which a way of writing down music was developed
What is tempo? the speed of a peice of music
What is form? the way the musical event in a peice are constructed or put together
In paradisim means... into paradise
the earliest writtin music was used for what? churches
What two cultuse valued music highly? the greeks and the hebrews
What is a composer? a person who writes music
What is the Barogue period? A musical era or period immidietly following the Renassiance period.
When the the middle ages end? 1400
What is a requiem used for? funerals
Created by: ekozeny