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Biological Psycholog

Biological Psychology Kalat 9th Ed PSY480

Homozygous Matching pairs of genes
Heterozygous Non-matching pairs of genes. One will win, one dominant, one recessive.
Biological Psychology defined: emphasizes the physiological conditions which explain a behavior.
Mind Body Brain Problem Monism vs. Dualism
Crossing Over (Genes) Sex-linked or Sex-limited genes.
Sex linked genes linked on Y chromosome
Sex limited genes genes show up in both sexes, but only have pronounced affect in one
What are the 4 Explanations of Behavior? Physiological, Ontogenetic, Functional, & Evolutionary
Physiological Explanation The activity of the brain, how the brain works, the anatomy creates the ability.
Ontogenetic Explanation How the structure develops or changes.
Evolutionary Explanation Adaptation to changes in the environment. Why eyes are in front of head.
Functional Explanation What is it good for? How does it work? Why is the structure/behavior useful?
What is the Mind Body Function Problem? *Body (brain) is a physical thing. *Mind is non-physical (Soul/spirit can't be measured) is not matter or energy. *Physical and non-physical thing do not interact with each other (telekenesis). *Mind and brain do interact each other. incompatible triad
Mind Body Problem Historical Solutions *Monisms - one state of reality *Dualism - mind and brain exist together
Monisms-Materialism Physical world only (no mind)
Monism-Mentalism Mental world only.
Dualism Both mind and brain exist -Ineractionist-view taken by DesCartes -Non-interactionist-clockmaker analogy, physical exist, spirit exists (perfect clockmaker)
Dualism-Interactionist -Interactionist-view taken by DesCartes
Dualism-Non-interactionist clockmaker analogy, physical exist, spirit exists (perfect clockmaker)
Dualism-Easy Problems vs. Hard Problems
Biological Determinism determinism that stresses the biological, genetic, physiological, or anatomical causes of behavior.
Causal Laws Laws describing causal relationships. Specify the conditions that are necessary and sufficient to produce a certain event. Knowledge of causal laws allows both the prediction and control of events.
Confirmable Propositions capable of validation through empirical tests.
Correlational Laws specify the systematic relationships among classes of empirical events.
Correspondence theory of truth belief that scientific laws and theories are correct insofar as they accurately mirror events in the physical world.
Determinism beleif that everything that occurs does so because of known or knowable causes and that if these causes were known in advance, an event could be predicted with complete accuracy. Also if the causes of an event were known, the event could be prevented.
Double Aspectism belief that bodily and mental events are inseparable because they are two aspects of every experience.
Dualist Anyone who believes that there are two aspects to humans, one physical and one mental.
Eclectic Approach Taking the best from a variety of viewpoints.
Emergentism contention that mental processes emerge from brain processes.
What are the two types of Altruistic Behavior? Reciprocal (help those that help them) & Kin Selection (benefits relatives)
Monozygotic? From one egg
Dizygotic? From two eggs
What is the multiplier effect? . If genetic or prenatal influences produce even a small increase in some activity, the early tendency will change the environment in a way that magnifies that tendency.
What are the Reasons for Animal Research? • Similar mechanisms of behavior • Interested in animals For their own sake • Sheds light on human evolution • Unique characteristics of some animals • Methodology can control condition • Experimental legal or ethical restrictions
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