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Bible Terms Final

Adam first man created from dust of the ground, ate forbidden fruit
alpha and omega the beginning and the end
antichrist enemy of christ who will appear before the second coming to win over some of jesus's followers
apocalypse final catastrophe
12 apostles 12 men chosen by jesus to fllow him and spread his word
ararat mountain that noahs ark rested at after flood
armageddon final great and destructive battle
tower of babel tower made by descendants of naoh to reach heaven and increase their reputation. God confused languages
beatitudes 8 sayings beginning with "blessed". god promises rewards for good living
Bethlehem town where Jesus was born
Am I my brothers keeper? Cain kills Abel then asks this question. Symbolizes peoples inability to accept responsibility for their faults
burning bush God appeared to Moses as this
Cain and Abel first children of Adam and Eve
Calvary hill where Jesus was crucified
Cast thy bread upon the waters good deeds will benefit you
chapter and verse means of locating passages in the evidence for a proposition
coat of many colors Jacob gave it to Joseph and it made his other sons jealous
Creation described in the book of Genesis
crown of thorns worm on the head of Jesus; used to imply suffering
Daniel in the Lions den continued to pray for God against the command of the king and was thrown in a lions den. Emerged the next day because God sent angels to save him
day of atonement annual day of fasting and prayer also called Yom Kippur
Exodus tells of the departure of Israelites from Egypt
an eye for an eye equal punishment for an offense; Jesus said to turn the other cheek instead
eye of a needle it is hard to enter the kingdom of heaven
forbidden fruit came from the tree of knowledge of good and evil; apple that adam and eve ate, led to fall of man
four horsemen symbolize evils to come at the end of the world
Genesis 1st book of old testament begins with "in the beginning"
Gentile someone who is not a jew
get thee behind me, Satan reply of Jesus when satan offered him all kingdoms of the world if Jesus would worship him
golden calf a false god or anything worshipped undeservedly
golden rule do unto others as you would have them do to you
Golgotha ancient name for Calvary
good samaritan a person who goes out of their way to perform acts of kindness to others, especially strangers
good sheperd title for Jesus; "pastor"
handwriting on the wall misfortune is pending
Jacob's Ladder appeared in a dream; angels ascended and descended it and God promised to bring descendants to the promised land
Jezebel scheming and shamelessly evil woman
job God tested him by killing his family and taking his things, but he still would curse God so he was healed and given more than he had before
John the baptist relative of Jesus, baptized him
Jordan River jesus was baptized here
Judas Iscariot betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver
lamb of god name for Jesus; image of crucifixion and resurrection of jesus as a new passover
the last supper last meal Jesus had with apostles night before his death
Lazarus brought back to life after 4 days; represents a comeback from obscurity
lord's prayer prayer jesus taught followers on sermon on the mount
lots wife looked back and was turned to a pillar of salt
lucifer satan
manna from heaven food God gave to Israelites after they ran out; unexpected good fortune
mary magdalene follower of Jesus, devils were driven out of her
messiah "anointed one" or Christ
methuselah the oldest man in the Bible
Moses led israelites out of Egypt in the Exodus to the promised land
olive branch/dove sign of peace
parables stories with a religious message
Paul at first an enemy of Christians, then on the road to Damascus, he became christian
Peter chief of 12 apostles, crucified upside down
pontius pilate governor of jews, sentenced Jesus to death on cross
plagues of egypt disasterd God inflicted on Egypt so the Israelites could make an Exodus
prodigal son shows how generous God is in forgiving sinners; son leaves and father forgives him with fatted calf
prophet someone who brings a message from God to people
book of psalms book containing 150 songs
parting of the red sea God did this so that the Israelites could walk across and escape Egypt
Resurrection rising of Jesus from tomb after his death
Book of Revelation last book of the bible
salome arranged for beheading of john the baptist
second coming return of Jesus to judge the living and the dead
Mount sinai mountain moses ascended to receive ten commandments
sodom and gomorrah 2 evil cities that God destroyed. saved Lot.
ten commandments engrave don stone tablets and given to moses; divine law
thirty pieces of silver money judas received for betraying jesus; "blood money"
Thomas the doubting apostle first doubted resurrection then believed
turn the other cheek jesus said to do this instead of giving an eye for an eye
walking on water miraculous act performed by jesus; to perform a godlike or impossible task
wise men visited jesus mary and joseph after the birth of jesus and gave gold frankincense and myrrh
mount zion location of the fortress of Jerusalem
Created by: AlexaMarie
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