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I GOT U!!!!!

credit Used to help explain a procedure code
Modifiers an entry on the account that equals more money in the account. Can be a payment from a patient or a payment from an insurance company
debit the addition of an expense or a deduction from revenue
debit card a card the looks like a credit card that lets you withdraw money from your account to pay for what you buy. The amount is taken directly from the holders back account
disbursement funds (money)
fee schedule a list of the cost of different procedures in the clinic
bundled code represents 2 or more procedures into one procedure code
guarantor the person that promises to pay the bill (doesn't have to be the patient)
Indigent when people are able to take care of ordinary living expenses but cannot afford medical expenses
also called the write it once system. A method of keeping tract of accounts
posting transferring or carrying from book or original entry to a ledger. Entering figures in an accounting system
New Patient new to the practice or has not been seen in the group practice within the last 3 years
professional Courtesy charging other professionals (doctors and their family) less or maybe nothing for service
receipts amount paid on patient accounts
receivables total monies received on accounts
third party payer someone other than the patient, spouse, or parent who is responsible to pay all or part of the medical expenses incurred
transaction an exchange or transfer of goods, services or funds
NSF Non Sufficient Funds
UCR Usual arrangement
OV Office Visit
International Classification of Diseases 9th Edition
EM Evaluation and Management (codes)
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