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Vocab Workshop H14

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 14

accoutrements n., pl. Accessory items of clothing or equipment; a soldier's outfit, usually not including arms or clothing; trappings
apogee n. The point of orbit of a heavenly body or artificial satellite farthest from the Earth; the farthest or highest point
apropos adj. Appropriate, opportune adv. Relevantly; incidentally, by the way; speaking
bicker v. To engage in a petty or peevish dispute; to move or run rapidly, rush; to flicker, quiver
coalesce v. To blend together or fuse so as to form one body or substance
contretempts n. An inoppertune or embarassing occurence; a mishap
convolution n. A rolling up, coiling, or twisting together; a sinuous folding or design
cull v. To pick out or select; to gather or collect
disparate adj. Completely distinct or different; entirely dissimilar
dogmatic adj. Certain of the truth of one's own ideas; inclined to state opinions as if they were indisputable facts
licentious adj. Morally or sexually unrestrained; having no regard for accepted rules, customs, or laws
mete v. To distribute or apportion by or as if by measure; to allot
noxious adj. Harmful to physical health or morals
polemic n. An aggressive attack on or refutation of a specific opinion or doctrine
populous adj. Full of people; filled to capacity; densely populated; having a large population
probity n. Complete and confirmed honesty; total integrity
repartee n. A swift, witty reply; conversation full of such remarks; skill in making such replies or conversation
supervene v. To take place or occur as something additional or unexpected; to follow immediately after
truncate v. To shorten by or as if by cutting off, lop
unimpeachable adj. Beyond doubt or reproach; unquestionable
Created by: Bomoono