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med term final

first term final med term chapters 1-8

pharyngitis inflammation of the pharynx(throat)
myalgia muscle pain
arthralgia joint pain
ovariocele hernia of an ovary
thoracotomy incision into the chest
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
pyosis abnormal condition of pus
gastroscopy a visual examination of the inside of the stomach
colonoscopy a visual examination of the inside of the colon
nephroptosis falling kidney
stomatoplasty surgical repair of the mouth
mastoplasty surgical repair of the breast
osteomalacia abnormally soft bone
hysterectomy removal of the uterus
thrombectomy removal of a blood clot
rhinorrhagia abnormal nasal hemorrhage
encephalography recording of brain activity
cardiography recording of heart activity
rhinomycosis abnormal condition of fungus in the nose
syndesmopexy reattachment of a ligament
nephropexy reattachment of a kidney
thyrocele tumor of the thyroid gland
amniocentesis surgical puncture of the amnion to remove fluid
cephalocentesis surgical puncture of the head to remove fluid
cystoptosis falling urinary bladder
arteriopathy any disease of the arteries
lymphopathy any disease of the lymphatic system
-ptosis falling, downward displacement, prolapse
-itis an inflammation
-osis an abnormal condition
-mycosis an abnormal condition of fungus
-cele a tumor, swelling, or hernia
-megaly an abnormal enlargement
-pathy disease
-centesis a surgical puncture to remove fluid or tissue
-pexy a surgical reattachment;to fix, or fasten
-graphy the process of recording
-ecotomy an excision or removal
-plasty plastic surgery or a surgical repair
-scopy a visual examination
-tomy an incision
-algia pain
-malacia abnormal softening
-rrhagia excessive flow;bleeding
-stenosis narrowing
-ectasis expansion, dilation
-penia a deficiency; a decreased amount
-plegia paralysis
-lysis to dissolve; break down
-rrhea a flow
-logy the study of
-poiesis form; formation
-clasis break; fracture
hypo- under; beneath, deficiency
hyper- an excessive amount
peri- around
anti- against
inter- between
pre- before
supra- above
intra- within
epi- above
de- away from
ex- away from
ab- away from
ad- toward
dextro- to the right
sinistro- to the left
trans- through
dia- through
im-, in- not
a-, an- not, without
non- not
primi-, mono- one
bi-, di-, diplo- two, double, both
tri- three
quadri- four
multi- much, many
pan- all
hemi- half
alb-, leuko- white
erythro- red
cyano- blue
xantho- yellow
melano- black
nocti- night
post- after(time), behind(position,location)
brady- slowness
auto- self
cryo- cold
neo- new
ortho- straight
metrorrhagia abnormal bleeding from uterus
hepatomegaly abnormally large liver
onychosis abnormal condition of the nails
otomycosis abnormal condition of fungus in the ear
splenomegaly abnormally large spleen
onychomalacia abnormally soft nails
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
arteriectasis dilation of an artery
leukopenia deficiency of the white blood cells
dacryostenosis narrowing of lacrimal ducts
bronchiectasis expansion of the bronchus
lymphopenia deficiency of lymph cells
glycopenia deficiency of glucose in the tissues
metrostenosis narrowing of the uterus
iridectasis dilation of an iris
phlebostenosis narrowing of a vein
erythropenia deficiency of red blood cells
pyelectasis dilation of the pelvis of the kidney
esophagostenosis narrowing of the esophagus
hematology study of blood
pancreolysis breaking down the pancreas
quadriplegia paralysis in four limbs
thromboclasis breaking a blood clot
nephrology study of the kidney
proctorrhea flow from the rectum or anus
bronchoplegia paralysis of the bronchus
leukopoiesis formation of white blood cells
osteoclasis breaking or fracturing a bone
dacryorrhea flowing of tears; usually excessive
erythropoiesis formation of red blood cells
osteolysis breaking down bone
hyperalgesia increased sensitivity to pain
antiemetic an agent that prevents or alleviates nausea and vomiting
premenstrual before the onset of menses
epidermis above or upon the skin
hypothyroidism deficiency of thyroid secretion
intrabuccal within the cheek or mouth
periosteum connective tissue covering the bone
suprarenal above the kidney
hyperpnea increase in the depth and rate of breathing
intercostal between the ribs
hypodermic beneath the skin
supratympanic above the tympanum
prenatal before childbirth
epiglottis the lidlike structure that covers the larynx to prevent food from entering the trachea
intravenous within a vein
interdigital between the fingers/toes
anticoagulant an agent that prevent blood clotting
pericarditis inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
dextrogastria displacement of the stomach to the right
aboral away from the mouth
expectorant an agent that promotes the ejection of mucus from the lungs
dialysis process of separating elements in a solution through a semipermeable membrane
transdermal entering through the skin
dehydrate to remove the water from a substance
adrenal near the kidney
diarrhea frequent liquidity discharge of feces
sinistrocardia location of the heart in the left side of the thorax
dextral to the right
transabdominal throught the abdominal wall
abnormal not normal
sinistral to the left
adduct to draw toward
exophthalmos abnormal protrusion of the eyeball
detoxify to remove the toxic quality of a substance
diplophonia double vocal sounds
nonspecific not due to any single known cause
erythrocyte a red blood cell
multicellular composed of many cells
xanthochromic yellow discoloration of the skin
immature not fully developed
melanuria black or dark discoloration of the urine
leukemia excessive number of white blood cells
cyanemia bluishness of blood
nonviable not capable of living
panhysterectomy total removal of the uterus and cervix
monochromatic having only one color
albuminuria presence of serum albumin in the urine
triorchidism having three testes
analgesic the giving of a medicine to relieve or remove pain
hemianesthesia lack of feeling to one side of the body
primipara a woman who had one pregnancy with a viable offspring
quadruped four-footed
insomnia inability to sleep
biceps muscle with two heads
apnea temporary absence of breathing
bradycardia abnormally slow heartbeat
cryotherapy the therapeutic use of cold
orthopnea inability to breath unless in an upright position
autograft a tissue taken from another part of the patients own body
orthodontics the branch of dentistry that deals with the prevention and correction of irregularities of the teeth
postmortem occuring or performed after death
neonatal first four weeks after birth
noctiphobia fear of night or darkness
bradypnea abnormally slow breathing
neoplasm any new or abnormal growth
postnasal behind the nose
cryosurgery distruction of tissue with the use of extreme cold
nocturia excessive urination at night
autopsy postmortem examination of a body
semilunar resembling a half-moon
hectogram 100 weight
tetradactyly having four digits on the hands/feet
deciliter 1/10 liter
triorchidism having three testes
centimeter 1/100 meter
millivolt 1/1000 volt
pentad any group of five
kilounit 1000 units
hemianesthesia lack of feeling to one side of body
decogram 10 grams
diplopia double vision
monorchism having only one testicle
hypogastric below the stomach
sublingual beneath the tongue
terian every third day
anterosuperior in front and above something
infratracheal beneath the trachea
anastomosis an opening of connection between two vessels or organs
ultrasonic above,excess sound
contraindication against treatment indicated
semicoma half stupor, unconscious
supratympanic above the tympanum
hyperglycemia abnormally high levels of sugar in the blood
inframammary beneath the breast
unilateral only one side
ectoderm the outermost of the layers of skin
bifurcate two forked, divided into two branches
polydipsia excessive thirst
pericardium sac surrounding the heart
intercostal between the ribs
protoplasia first formation
postmortem occurring or performed after death
retroflexed bent backward
intrabuccal within the mouth/cheek
retractor an instrument to draw back and hold the edges of the wound
monochromatic having only one color
epiotic above the ear
panhysterectomy total removal of the uterus and cervix
polyphagia excessive eating; overeating
chlorophyll the green coloring matter of plants
melena dark or black feces containing blood
cirrhosis a liver disorder ;jaundice(yellow skin)
aberrant wander; away from
rubeosis redness of an area
leukocyte white blood cell
adduct to draw toward
xanthoderma any yellow discoloration of the skin
erythrocyte a red blood cell
dehydrate to remove water from a substance
dorsal the back of the body
biceps muscle with two heads
derm(o),derm(a), dermat(o) the skin
kerat(o) horny tissue or the cornea of the eye
dermal the skin
dermatoautoplasty autografting of skin taken from another part of the the patients own body
keratoderma a horny skin or covering
keratiosis the presence of horny warts on the skin
dermatome an instrument for cutting the skin or cutting thin transplants
dermatologist specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of skin disease
dermomycosis any fungus disease of the skin
dermatophobia a fear of aquiring a skin disease
keratoma a tumor or growth of horny tissue
keratogenous producing cells that result in the formation of horny tissue
dermatosis any skin disease
dermatitis inflammation of the skin
keratoid like or resembling a horny skin
trich, trich(o) hair or capillary (hairlike) vessels
onych(o) the nails
onychomalacia softening of the nails
trichoglossia a hairy condition of the tongue
onychoptosis falling off of the nail
onychophagia habitual biting of the nails
trichalgia pain when the hair is touched
onychoma a tumor of the nail or nail bed
trichogenous promoting growth of hair
onychorrhexis splitting or rupture of the nails
trichology the study of the hair
trichopathy a disease of the hair
onychomycosis any fungus condition of the nails
trichomycosis fungus infection of the hair
onychogenic producing nail substance
trichoschisis splitting of the hair
onychosis a disease of the nails
hist(o), histi(o) relationship to tissue
sarc(o) flesh or connective tissue
histoneurology the histology of the nervous system
sarcoma tumor of fleshy of connective tissue
historrhexis destruction of flesh
sarcopoietic forming flesh
histology the study of tissue
sarcogenic producing flesh or muscle
sarcolysis breaking up of tissue
histokinesis movement in the tissues of the body
sarcoid like or resembling flesh
histocyte a tissue cell
sarcoblast immature cell that develops into connective tissue
sarcosis abnormal increase in flesh
histotoxic being poisonous to tissue
adip(o) relationship to fat, adipose tissue
lip(o) relationship to fat or lipids
steat(o) relationship to fat
hidr(o) relationship to sweat or sweat gland
adipoma a fatty tumor
lipopenia deficiency of lipids in the body
steatorrhea excessive amounts of fats in the feces
lipedema obesity; excessive accumulation of fat in the body
hidradenitis inflammation of a sweat gland
adipoid like or resembling fat
lipemia excessive fats/lipids in the blood
hidropoiesis the formation and secretion of sweat
adiposis accumulation of excess fat and fluid in subcutaneous tissue
adiposuria presence of fat in the urine
anti-infectives agents that cankill infectious agents or prevent them from spreading example; Zithromax, Avalox, Keflex
anti-inflammatories agents that counteract or suppress inflammation example; Celebrex
antifungals agents that destroy fungus or suppress its growth example; Monistat,Diflucan
antipruitics agents that relieve or prevent itching example; Anusol-HC, Atarax
keratolytics agents that soften the horny layer of the epidermis example; Retin-A
parasiticides agents that destroy parasites example; Mectizan
topical anesthetics agents used onthe skin to abolish the sensation of pain example; Xylocaine, Orajel
rhin(o) the nose
nas(o) the nose
rhinocheiloplasty a plastic surgery on the lip and nose
rhinorrhagia nosebleed
nasal the nose
rhinolith a stone or concretion of the nose
nasopharynx part of the pharynx above the level of the soft palate
rhinesthesia the sense of smell
rhinitis inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose
nasoseptal the nasal septum
rhinomycosis fungus infection of the nose
nasopharyngeal the nasopharynx
nasogastric the nose and the stomach
rhinodynia pain in the nose or nasal area
nasoscope lighted instrument used for examination of the nasal cavity
pharyng(o) relationship to the throat
laryng(o) the larynx(voice box)
laryngoplegia paralysis of the larynx
nasophayrnx part of the pharynx above the level of the soft palate
laryngocentesis surgical puncture of the larynx
pharyngoplegia paralysis of the muscles of the throat
pharyngomycosis any fungal infection of the throat
laryngitis inflammation of the larynx
pharyngitis inflammation of the throat
laryngospasm contraction of the larynx
oropharynx musculo-membrane passage between the mouth and nasal passage and the larynx and esophagus
pharyngeal the pharynx
pharyngectomy excision of the pharynx
laryngeal the larynx
laryngostenosis narrowing of the larynx
laryngectomy excision of the larynx
laryngoscope an instrument used to examine the larynx
trache(o) the trachea or windpipe
bronch(i),bronchus the air passages within the lungs
bronchorrhea excessive secretion of mucus from the bronchial mucous membrane
tracheorrhaphy surgical repair of the trachea
bronchiectasis dilation of the bronchi
trachiostenosis narrowing of the trachea
tracheoplasty plastic surgery of the trachea
bronchoscopy examination of the bronchi
bronchoplegia paralysis of the bronchi
tracheostomy surgical creation of an opening into the trachea
tracheopathy any disease of the trachea
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchi
bronchoedema swelling of the mucosa of the bronchi
tracheotomy incision into the trachea
bronchopneumonitis an inflammation of the lungs that originates at the bronchi
tracheitis inflammation of the trachea
bronchiole finer subdivisions of the bronchi
pleura, pleur(o) the serous membrane surrounding the lungs and lining the chest cavity
pneumon(o),pneum(o),pneumat(o), pneum(a) the lungs, respiration, air, or gas
pulmon(o) relationship to the lungs
thorac(o) relationship to the thorax(chest)
-pnea suffix denoting breathing or air or gas
oxy, ox- the presence of oxygen
pleuralgia pain in the pleura
pleural more than one pleura
pleuritis inflammation of the pleura
thoracic the chest
pneumography X-ray of the lung
thoracotomy incision into the chest
pleurocele herniation of the pleura
oximeter(pulse ox) photoelctric device used for determining the oxygen satuation in the blood
pulmonitis inflammation of the lung
dyspnea difficult breathing
pneumodynamics the dynamics of the respiratory system
eupnea normal breathing
pulmonic the lungs
thoracocentesis surgical puncture of the chest to aspirate fluid
pneumomelanosis the blackening of the lungs as from coal dust
tachypnea abnormally fast rate of breathing
pleural the pleura
pulmonologist a lung specialist
apnea temporary absence of breathing
pneumonitis inflammation of the lung
orthopnea inability to breathe unless in an upright position
pnuemoconiosis a disease caused by dust or other particles in the lungs
pneumoencephalography radiographic films of the brain, created by utilizing injections of air or gas
pleurocentesis surgical puncture or tap of the pleura
pleurotomy incision into the pleura
pulmonectomy excision of all or part of the lung
pneumothorax accumulation of air in the chest cavity
pneumocentesis surgical puncture for aspiration of the lung
pleurectomy excision of the pleura
hypoxemia deficient oxygenation of the blood
antihistamines agents that counter the effects of histamines; used to treat allergies example; Allegra,Claritan,Benadryl,Zyrtec
antitussives agents that relieve or prevent coughs example; Robitussin
bronchodilators agents that expand the air passages in the lungs example; Proventil
decongestants agents that reduce congestion and bronchial swelling example; Claritan
expectorants agents that promote the ejection of mucus from the lower respiratory tract example; Mucinex,Robitussin
mucolytics agents that destroy or dissolve mucus example; Mucinex, Robitussin
stomat(o) relationship to the mouth
or(o) relationship to the mouth
pharyng(o) the pharynx(throat)
gloss(o), gloss(ia),lingu(a) the tongue
esophagus the passage extending from the pharynx to the stomach
sublingual under the tongue
orolingual the mouth and tongue
esophageal the esophagus
esophagitis inflammation of the esophagus
pharyngostenosis narrowing of the throat(pharynx)
oral,stomatic the mouth
pharyngonasal the nose and throat
glossitis inflammation of the tongue
stomatitis inflammation of the mucous membrane in the mouth
stomatoscope an instrument used to examine the inside of the mouth
esophagoscopy visual examination of the esophagus
pharyngoscope instrument used for viewing the throat(pharynx)
stomatalgia pain in the mouth
glossectomy excision of all or part of the tongue
stomatopathy any disease of the mouth
lingual,glossal the tongue
stomatoplasty plastic surgery of the mouth
gastr(o) relationship to the stomach
duoden(o) the first portion of the small intestine
jejun(o) the middle section of the small intestine
ile(o) the third or distal portion of the small intestine
enter(o) the small intestine
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