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Canolradd 2 Uned 15

DysguCymraeg Canolradd course vocabulay

y graith hon (creithiau) this scar (scars) (f.)
y ffin hon (ffiniau) this border (borders) (f.)
y ffon hon (ffyn) this stick (sticks) (f.)
y wasg hon (gweisg) this printing press (printing presses) (f.)
yr iard hon (iardiau) this yard (yards) (f.)
y roced hon (rocedi) this rocket (rockets) (f.)
y streic hon (streiciau) this strike (strikes) (f.)
y dasg hon (tasgau) this task (tasks) (f.)
Tsieina / Cheina (ben.) China (f.)
y tymheredd hwn (tymereddau) this temperature (temperatures) (m.)
y canlyniad hwn (canlyniadau) this result (results) (m.)
y clwt hwn (clytiau) this cloth (cloths) / this rag (rags) (m.)
y cwt gwair hwn (cytiau gwair) this hay hut (hay huts) (m.)
y cwt ieir hwn (cytiau ieir) this hen coop (hen coops) (m.)
y dril hwn (driliau) this drill (drills) (m.)
y dur hwn this steel (m.)
y feirws hwn (feirysau) this virus (viruses) (m.)
y gwm hwn this gum (m.)
y llwch hwn this dust (m.)
y penderfyniad hwn (penderfyniadau) this decision (decisions) (m.)
y pennawd hwn (penawdau) this headline (headlines)
y pridd hwn (priddoedd) this earth / soil (soils) (m.)
y saws hwn (sawsiau) this sauce (sauces) (m.)
y steil hwn this style (m.)
y tâl hwn (taliadau) this payment (payments) (m.)
y tâp hwn (tapiau) this tape (tapes) (m.)
y twlc hwn (tylciau) this sty (sties) (m.)
afiach disgusting / sickly
ambell a few
anarferol unusual
anlwcus unlucky
arferol usual
cul narrow
dieithr strange
dyddiol daily
gwastad flat
iachus healthy (bwyd)
llydan wide
llym severe
pleserus enjoyable
pur pure
sydyn sudden
wythnosol weekly
cadw golwg ar to keep an eye on / to keep track of
cynnal a chadw maintenance
dan bwysau under pressure
dyddiad cau closing date
y gwm cnoi hwn this chewing gum
i’r dim! exactly! perfect!
y pen per head
adnewyddu to renew / to refurbish
addo to promise
cwblhau to complete, (gorffen)
llifo to flow
mesur to measure
sleifio to slink / to sneak / to sidle
... hon, benywaidd (ben.) this ... , Feminine (f) (grammer)
... hwn, gwrywaidd (gwr.) this ... , Masculine (m) (grammar)
amhersonol impersonal (grammar)
goddefol passive (grammar)
penderfynu to decide
rhyfedd strange, weird
Created by: TonyPlackett
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