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Stems and Classes

Drug stems and classes

-alol Combined alpha and beta blockers
-andr- Androgens
-anserin Serotonin 5-HT2 receptor antagonists
-arabine Antineoplastics (arabinofuranosyl derivatives)
-ase Enzymes
-azepam Antianxiety agents (diazepam type)
-azosin antihypertensives (prazosin type)
-bactam Beta-lactamase inhibitors
-bamate tranquilizers/ antiepileptics
-barb barbituric acid derivatives
-butazone anti-inflammatory analgesics (phenylbutazone type)
-caine local anesthetics
-cef cephalosporins
-cillin penicillins
-conazole antifungals (micanazole type)
-cort- cortisone derivatives
-curium neuromuscular blocking agents
-cycline antibiotics (tetracycline type)
-dralazine Antihypertensive (hydrazine-phthalazines)
-erg- ergot alkaloid derivatives
estr- estrogens
-fibrate antihyperlipidemics
-flurane inhalation anesthetics
-gest- progestins
-irudin anticoagulants (hirudin type)
-leukin interleukin-2 derivatives
-lukast leukotrine antagonists
-mab monoclonal antibodies
-mantadine antivirals
-monam monobactum antibiotics
-mustine antineoplastics
-mycin antibiotics
-olol beta-blockers (propranalol type)
-olone steroids
-oxacin antibiotics (quinolone derivatives)
-pamide diuretics (sulfamoylbenzoic acid derivatives)
-pamil coronary vasodilators
-parin heparin derivatives
-peridol antipsychotics (haloperidol type)
-poetin erythropoietins
-pramine antidepressants (imipramine type)
-pred prednisone derivatives
-pril antihypertensives (ACE Inhibitors)
-profen anti-inflammatory/ analgesic agent (ibuprofen type)
-rubicin antineoplastic antibiotics (daunoru-bicin type)
-sartan angiotensin 2 receptor antagonists
-sertron serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonists
-sulfa antibiotics (sulfanamide derivatives)
-terol bronchodilators (phenethylamine derivatives)
-thiazide diuretics (thiazide) derivatives)
-tiazem calcium channel blockers (diltaziem derivatives)
-tocin oxytocin derivatives
-trexate antimetabolites (folic acid derivatives)
-triptyline antidepressants
-vastatin antihyperlipidemics (HMG-CoA inhibitors)
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