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Vocab Unit II

Vocab Unit 2

customary usual, expected, routine regular, normal, traditional strange, odd, unusual, untraditional
dissuade to persuade not to do something discourage, talk out of persuade, talk into
entrepreneur a person who starts up and takes on the risk of a business businessperson, impresario
firebrand a piece of burning wood; a troublemaker; an extremely energetic or emotional person hothead, agitator, rabble-rouser peacemaker, pacifier, counciliator
hazard risk, peril; to expose to danger or harm; to gamble danger, venture
homicide the killing of one person by another manslaughter, murder
indifference a lack of interest or concern apathy, unconcern interest, concern, enthusiasm
indignant filled with resentment or anger over something unjust, unworthy, or mean offended, resentful, outraged, exasperated pleased, delighted, overjoyed, elated
indispensable absolutely necessary, not to be neglected essential, crucial, vital unnecessary, nonessential
lubricate to apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery, or easier to use oil, grease
mutual shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more two-sided, joint, shared, reciprocal one-sided, unilateral
pelt to throw a stream of things; to strike successfully; to hurry bombard, shower, pepper
plague an easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths; a widespread evil; to annoy or bother epidemic, pestilence; pester, vex boon, blessing
poised balanced, suspended; calm, controlled; ready for action collected, self-confident, ready nervous, tense
regime a government in power; a form or system of rule or management; a period of rule administration, rule
retard to make slow, delay, hold back slow down, restrain, impede hasten, speed up
transparent allowing light to pass through; easily recognized or understood; easily seen through or detected clear, translucent, obvious frosted, sooty, smoky, unclear, indistinct
unscathed wholly unharmed, not injured unhurt, sound, intact, unimpaired injured, damaged, harmed, hurt
available ready for use, at hand obtainable, on hand unobtainable, not to be had
cater to satisfy the needs of, try to make things easy and pleasant; to supply food and service pamper, indulge, gratify, provide frustrate, deny, refuse
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