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Resp 211 Basic Vent

Indications for mechanical ventilation include all of the following except ______.A.apnea, B.acute ventilatory failure, C.severe oxygenation deficit, D.metabolic acidosis D.metabolic acidosis
Normal MIP is _____. A.100cmHO, B.-50 to -100cmHO, C.-20cmHO, D.65 to 75 mL/kg B. -50 to -100cmHO
Which of the following indicate(s) the presence of respiratory problems that might require ventilatory support?I.MIP of -17 cmH20, II.VC of 2.1L in a 70Kg male, III.PaCO2 of 81mmHg and pH of 7.19, IV.PaO2 of 65mmHg on RA. I and III
Blood gas evaluation is odne for an unconscious PT brought to the ED. The results on RA are:pH 7.23, PaCO2 81, HCO3 33, PaO2 43, SaO2 71%.. Indicate therapy:A.O2 w/NRB, B.CPAP, C.IPPB TX w/albuterol, D.Mechanical ventialatory support D.Mechanical ventialatory support
35 yr old PT is taken to the ED after a MVA.Unconscious & unresponsive. ABG on NRB:PaO2 47, PaCO2 93, pH 7.09, and HCO 27. What would you recommend? A.recheck vital signs, B.intubate & ventilate, C. change to ventimask & coach PT to breath, D.begin CPR. B. Intubate & ventilate
A forced vital capacity of less than _________ indicates the PT may need ventilatory support. A.15mL/kg, B. 5mL/kg, C.-20 cmHO, D.65 to 75mL/kg A.15mL/kg
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