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Clinical Lab Studies

Clinical Laboratory Studies Ch7

What is the RBC count range? Men 4.6-6.2x10/mm3 Women 4.2-5.4x10/mm3
What is the hemoglobin range? Men 13.5-16.5g/dl Women 12-15g/dl
What is the erythrocyte index values? Mean Cell Volume-90-96mm3 Mean Cell Hemoglobin-27-31pg Mean Cell hemoglobin concentration-32%-36%
What is the normal WBC count range? 4500-11,500/mm3
What is the normal hematocrit range? Men 40%-54% Women 38%-47%
Hematocrit ratio of red cell volume to that of whole blood.
What is the normal differential eosinophil? 0%-6% (0-600)
What is the range of platelets? 140,000-440,000/mm3
leukocytosis abnormal increase in the WBC count
neutrophilia increase in neutrophils
What is the common response to inflammation and infection neutrophilia
A significant leukocytosis with a left shift indicate the bone marrow is attempting to respond to...? infection
eosinophilia often seen in allergic states and pasitic infestations.
What kind of asthma is eosinophilia seen? extrinsic types
lymphocytosis is usually seen in what? viral infections
When does lymphocytopenia seen in trauma and acute infection
Chronic diseases such as TB, syphilis, typhoid fever, and subacute bacterial endocarditis causes what? Monocytosis
What are the two main red blood cell abnormalities? polycythemia and anemia
How do you treat anemia? blood transfusion
what are the disadvantages of polycythemia? increases the viscosity of blood, increased workload for the cor, and increases the risk of clots
thrombocytopenia reduction is the platelet count
thrombocytosis increase in the platelets
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