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Latin meal review

ientaculum breakfast
prandium lunch
cena dinner
holus vegtable
panis bread
pullus chicken
ovum egg
malum apple
porcum pig
lepus hare, rabbit
glires dormice
boletus mushroom
garum fish sauce
liquamen fish sauce
aqua water
mulsum honey wine
vinum wine
merum undiluted wine, very strong wine
pasuum rasin wine
frustum scrap
gustatio/gustus appitizers
prima mensa manin course
secunda mensa dessert
ab ovo usque ad mala from eggs to apples, full course of a feast
triclinium dinning room
medius middle postion on couaches
imus lowest postion on couaches
summus highest postion on couaches
imus in imo lowest postion on lowest couache
summus in summon highest postion on the highest couach
how many guest per couch three
how many guests per table nine
how many couches per table three
lectus couch
mappa napkin
what was a mappa used for in a dinner party to bring left over food home
umbrae pary crashers, uninvited guests
patrones wealthy romans who gave money to clients for popularity
clinets people who recived money from patrones
thermapolium fast food sellers
Created by: mwheele2