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Social Studies QA#2!


ethnic cleansing the murder and expulsion of members of minority ethnic groups
What are the eight countries that used to be a part of Yugoslavia? Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Vojvodina, Serbia, Montenegro
What is the name of the region where the majority of economic activity/commercial farming takes place in Russsia and Eurasion Republics? North European Plains
By what means is Europe a leader in importing and exporting goods? they have rivers to ship goods and move people
Who were the Visigoths? a Germanic tribe
When did the Roman Empire collapse? fifth century
What is the role of the church during the medieval period? religious services, help the poor, sick and elderly, established new churches and orphanages
What is the other name for the Magna Carta? Great Charter
What's on a lord's manor? castle/manor, farmland, village, church
What is another name for the Bubonic Plague? Black Death
What are the four levels of the feudal pyramid? 1.)Kings and Queens 2.)Nobles 3.)Knights 4.)Peasants and Serfs
What is the power system called with monarchs at the top and serfs at the bottom? feudalism
What is Ukraine's capital? Kiev
What is Russia's capital? Moscow
What type of leadership exists when unlimited power is in the hands of a single ruler? autocracy
Why did the introduction of money occur in Europe as a result of the Crusades? the ships would come back with many goods that were soon in high demand
Who was the most influential and famous artist and scientist of the Renaissance? Leonardo da Vinci
What was the first and last city recorded on the Crusaders' journey? 1st=Cologne, Last=Rome
What were the Crusaders' doing on their journey? collecting kids, mostly orphans
What countries make up the United Kingdom? Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales
With what branch of Christianity were the Jesuits affiliated? Roman Catholic Church
an economic theory of government control and ownership of factories and equal work and equal shares for the people communism
What country was influenced by the Slavic people? Russia
Ukraine and Russia were both influenced by what religion? Eastern Orthodox
How long did the Romanov's rule? 300 yrs.
What did Rasputin mysteriously do? mysteriously cured Prince Alexi
Why is the EU working toward eliminating tariffs among member nations? to encourage trade
fascism a philosophy that supports a strong, central government controlled by the military and led by a powerful dictator
What infamous leader of Germany ran a fascist government? Adolf Hitler
What was a major problem that led to the end of communism? economy continued to get worse
what did the Soviet Republics do in 1991? broke into their own countries
Created by: Abisa