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WGeo Unit 9 Review

World Geography Semester B Unit 9 Review Vocabulary

Transantarctic Mountains divides Antarctica into eastern and western regions.
The Outback Australia’s interior region
Great Dividing Range mountains on the eastern edge of Australia which keep precipitation on the eastern coast due to the orographic effect
Great Australian Bight an open bay on the southern coastline of Australia.
Roaring Forties a strong wind that flows west to east near the south 40 south latitude line.
Bungle Bungles striped dome-shaped mountains
Uluru Ayers Rock in Australia the world’s largest single rock
Taupo Volcanic Zone a volcanic area in New Zealand that has formed a volcanic plateau
Emerald Lakes Lakes on the north island of New Zealand made green by volcanic minerals and sunlight
earthquake the result of tectonic plates that collide and cause friction in the Earth’s crust
tsunami the result of underwater earthquakes.
atolls ring-shaped islands or chains of islands formed by coral reef
Great Barrier Reef The largest living structure on earth make of almost 3 000 reefs made of coral
Coral bleaching Whitening of coral due to temperature change pollution and overexposure to sunlight.
indigenous peoples The people who live in a place before colonization
Aborigines The indigenous peoples of Australia
Maori The indigenous peoples of New Zealand
Old Migration Migrations to Australia up to about 1970
penal colony a remote settlement used to keep prisoners away from the general population
Port Arthur Penitentiary A former timber station made into a penal colony in Australia for British convicts
Secular not belonging to a religion
Pidgin a hybrid language of two separate languages
Black sand Caused when lava enters the ocean causing an explosion
New Zealand Australia Free Trade Agreement An agreement signed in 1983 to break down barriers to trade in order to grow both economies.
growth industry A fast growing sector of an economy
Polar desert a biome that has both low rainfall and low temperatures
Antarctic Treaty Signed in 1959 made Antarctica an international science preserve and demilitarized
Madrid Protocol Treaty Agreement to ensure there are no attempts to mine in Antarctica until the year 2018
katabatic winds winds that rush downwards on slopes at a high rate of speed
Created by: joann.roe
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