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WGeo Unit 5 Review

World Geography Semester B Unit 5 Review Vocabulary

Levant The area on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean Sea “where the sun rises”
Middle East all of the countries in Southwest Asia and Egypt
The Stans Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Uzbekistan Turkmenistan
The Caucasus a mountainous area between Europe and Asia
Sahara Desert the largest hot desert in the world
Arabian Desert desert on the Arabian Peninsula
Rub Al-Khali part of the Arabian Desert; the largest contiguous sand desert in the world
Contiguous sharing a common border
Maghreb an expansive region extending from Morocco to Libya
Atlas Mountains a range of mountains in the Maghreb
Fertile Crescent a crescent shaped region in the Middle East known for fertile land due to the presence of the Nile River and its delta
Nile River the “father of African rivers”which flows northward on the east-central part of the African continent
delta fanlike flat area of a river opening to the sea
shrub steppe a grassland plain with few trees but a lot of low-lying bushes
desalination removing salt from seawater to make freshwater
Aral Sea a shrinking lake in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan a victim of negative geopolitical decisions
Bedouins a population of nomadic Arab tribes that have adapted to the harsh desert environment
choke point a narrow passage to another region such as a canal; valley; or bridge... countries vie for control of these
secular neutral on matters of religion
state religion an established or official religion officially endorsed by the country’s government
Islamic state a state religion that follows Islamic law
ISIS Islamic State of Iraq and Syria fundamentalist view of Islam
Islamism characterized by a strict literal interpretation of the Quran (or Qur’an); conservative moral values and the desire to establish Islamic values across the entire world
jihadism seeks to combat threats to the Muslim community and believes that all Muslim individuals are responsible for this effort
caliphate an Islamic state under the leadership of an Islamic ruler who is known as the caliph
sharia law Islamic religious law applies in the court system
Arab Spring a wave of revolutions and protests against dictatorships in the Arab region
Terrorism the use of violence and threats to intimidate and coerce
OPEC Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries – controls production and pricing of petroleum (oil)
Embargo an official ban on trade with a particular country
PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization – organization which acts on behalf of the Palestinians
Zionism belief in the need for a Jewish homeland in the holy land
Partition division of land; usually at attempt to avoid conflict or along ethnic/religious lines; often designed by a foreign or imperial power
West Bank an area near the Mediterranean Sea that is occupied by many Palestinians but mostly under Israeli control
Monotheism the belief that there is only one God
Torah the Jewish holy book
Jewish Diaspora scattering of the Jews
Bible the Christian holy book
Gospels the first four books of the New Testament of the Bible
Quran the Islamic holy book
polytheistic believing in many gods
spatial diffusion the spread of beliefs across the land
Shia (or Shi'ite) a branch of Islam that believes a leader should be a blood relative of Muhammad; popular in Iran; Iraq; Bahrain; and Azerbaijan.
Sunni a branch of Islam that believes a leader should be selected from and by the community and not necessarily blood related to Muhammad; is the most popular branch of Islam overall
Sufism the least popular branch of Islam; focuses on the inward dimension of Islam
Taliban ruled Afghanistan from 1996-2001; known for extreme persecution of women
Malala Yousafzai a women’s rights activities who was shot in the face by the Taliban for blogging about girls’ rights to education
male guardianship part of Islamic law that requires females to defer to a male relative for their own decisions; females were considered “legally minors”
Silk Road a route traveled by traders that also carried cultural aspects around SWANA; a route for spatial diffusion of culture
yurt circular tent dwelling popular in Central Asia
mosque Muslim place of worship
lingua franca a bridge language used by groups of people who have different original languages
Created by: joann.roe
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