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med term ch7 words

cardi(o) the heart
aorta the main trunk from which the systemic arterial system proceeds
tachycardia excessive rapidity in the action of the heart, usually in the pulse rate
endocarditis inflammation within the heart
cardiomyopathy primary myocardial disease
aortic the aorta
cardiology the study of the heart
pericarditis inflammation of the membrane surrounding the heart
electrocardiogram the written record of the hearts activity
aortitis inflammation of the aorta
bradycardia abnormally slow heartbeat
myocarditis inflammation of the heart muscle
aortosclerosis hardening of the aorta
electrocardiograph an instrument used for recording the hearts activity
arteri(o) relationship to an artery or arteries
phleb(o),ven(o) a vein or veins
phleborrhagia excessive bleeding from a vein
vena singular form of the term vein
arteriosclerosis hardening of the arteries
arteriole minute arterial branch
arteriectasis dilation of an artery
venae plural form of the term vein
phlebosclerosis hardening of the walls of the vein
arteriorrhexis rupture of an artery
phlebotomy incision into a vein
phlebitis inflammation of a vein
arterial artery
venous the veins
phlebostenosis narrowing of a vein
arteritis inflammation of an artery
venipuncture puncture of a vein
arteriostenosis narrowing of an artery
angi(o) relationship to a vessel, usually a blood vessel
vas(o) denoting a vessel or duct
angioplasty dilatation of a blood vessel by means of a balloon catheter
vasospasm contraction of a blood vessel
vasculitis inflammation of a blood vessel
vasography X-ray of the blood vessels
vascular a blood vessel
vasculopathy any disease of a blood vessel
angiocarditis inflammation of the heart and major blood vessels
vasodilator agent that dilates a blood vessel
angiorrhaphy,vasorrhaphy suturing of a blood vessel
sphygm(o) the pulse or blood pressure
diastole dilatation of the ventricles of the heart
systole the contraction of the ventricles of the heart
sphygmomanometer an instrument used to measure blood pressure
sphygmology the study of the pulse
sphygmoid resembling the pulse
sphygmoscopy examination of the pulse
sphygmopalpation palpating/feeling the pulse
diastolic dilatation of the ventricles of the heart
sphygmic the pulse
systolic contraction of the ventricles of the heart
antianginals agents that alleviate angina pectoris by dilating coronary arteries to improve blood flow
Nitro-Bid(ointment),nitroglycerin antianginals
antihypertensives agents that counteract high blood pressure
Procardia, antihypertensives
antihypotensives agents that counteract low blood pressure by causing contraction of blood vessels
antilipidemics agents that counteract high levels of lipids in the blood
cardiomegaly enlargement of the heart
elecctrocardiography the process of making a recording of the heart's activity
cardiac the heart
vasodilators agents that dilate blood vessels
Lipitor antilipidemics
thrombolytics,anticoagulants agents that dissolve blood clots
Imdur vasodilators
coumadin thrombolytics,anticoagulants
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