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med term words ch 6

stomat(o) relationship to mouth
or(o) relationship to mouth
pharyng(o) the pharynx (throat)
gloss(o),gloss(ia),lingu(a) the tongue
esophagus the musculo-membranous passage extending from the pharynx to the stomach
gastr(o) relationship to stomach
duoden(o) the first portion of the small intestine
jejun(o) the middle section of the small intestine
ile(o) the third or distal portion of the small intestine
enter(o) the entire small intestine
colon the portion of the large intestine that extends from the cecum to the rectum
sigmoid the S-shaped portion of the colon
rect(o) relationship to the rectum
proct(o) the rectum or anus
anus the distal or terminal orifice of the alimentary canal
choledoch(o), the common bile duct
cholecyst(o) the gallbladder(a bile sac)
hepat(o),hepat(ico) the liver
sublingual under the tongue
orolingual the mouth and tongue
esophageal the esophagus
esophagitis inflammation of the esophagus
pharyngostenosis narrowing of the throat (pharynx)
oral,stomatic the mouth
pharyngonasal the nose and throat
glossitis inflammation of the tongue
stomatitis inflammation of the mucous membranes in the mouth
stomatoscope instrument used for examination of the mouth
esophagoscopy visual examination of the esophagus
pharyngoscope instrument used to view the throat (pharynx)
stomatalgia pain in the mouth
glossectomy excision/removal of all or part of the tongue
stomatopathy disease of the mouth
lingual,glossal the tongue
stomatoplasty plastic surgery of the mouth
enterocleisis blockage/closure of the intestine
enterostomy surgical creation of a new opening into the small intestine
enterokinesis muscular movement of the intestinal canal
enteroclysis injection/introduction of liquid into the intestine
enterorrhexis rupture of the intestinal wall
enterorrhagia hemorrhage from the intestine
duodenal duodenum
ileitis inflammation of the ileum
gastropathy a disease of the stomach
ileorrhaphy suturing the ileum
gastritis inflammation of the stomach
ileotomy incision into the ileum
duodenectomy excision/removal of all or part of the duodenum
ielocecal the ileum and the cecum
jejunitis inflammation of the jejunum
jejunorrhaphy suturing the jejunum
ileectomy excision/removal of all or part of the ileum
gastrostomy surgical creation of a new opening into the stomach
gastrectomy excision/removal of all or part of the stomach
enterococcus a type of intestinal bacteria
proctologist specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of rectal disorders
sigmoidoscopy visual examination of the sigmoid
rectal the rectum
proctocele hernial protrusion of the rectum
colectomy excision/removal of all or part of the colon
proctatresia absence of a proper rectal opening
sigmoidectomy excision/removal of all or part of the sigmoid
colostomy surgical creation of a new opening into the colon
anal the anus
proctoscopy visual examination of the rectum by the use of a proctoscope
sigmoiditis inflammation of the sigmoid
colitis inflammation of the colon
proctorrhea a mucoserous discharge from the rectum
rectosigmoidectomy excision/removal of all or part of the sigmoid and the rectum
proctoptosis falling/prolapse of the rectum
anusitis inflammation of the anus
proctopexy surgical fixing/fastening of the rectum
hepatorrhaphy suturing of the liver
cholecystitis inflammation of the gallbladder
choledocholithotripsy the crushing of a stone in the common bile duct
choledochogastrostomy surgical connection between the stomach and the common bile duct
hepatorenal the liver and the kidney
cholecystography X-ray examination of the gallbladder
choledochotomy incision into the common bile duct
cholelitiasis condition of gallstones
hepatatrophy atrophy of the liver
hepatomegaly abnormal enlargement of the liver
hepatitis inflammation of the liver
hepatic the liver
cholecystectomy excision/removal of the gallbladder
antiemetics agents that prevent/alleviate nausea and vomiting
antacids agents that counteract/neutralize acidity, usually in the stomach
laxatives agents that promote peristalis and bowel evacuation
emetics agents that cause vomiting
antidiarrheals agents that counteract diarrhea
pepto-bismol,rolaids,tums,pepcid,zantac,tagamet,nexium,prilosec antacids
pepto-bismol,imodium,kaopectate antidiarrheals
phenergan,dramamine,compazine antiemetics
ipecac syrup emetics
dulcolax,colace,metamucil laxatives
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