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Thomas Malthus and his theories T. Malthus was a man who wrote a report on teh worlds population and his theory on how to make the populaton decrease
Urban vs. Rural Urban is a highly populated area with not much privacy. Rural is a low population with much privacy.
Push pull theory
culture language, religious beliefs, values, customs and other ways of life shared by a group of people
Cultural Trait a behavioural characteristic of a people, such as a language, skill or custom passed from one generation to another
Cultural Landscape a landscape that has been changed by human beings and that reflects their culture
Nuclear vs. Extended Families Nuclear families - has Mom, Dad, KidsExtended families - has Mom, Dad, Kids, Grandparents
Social Classes Rich, Normal, Poor. Most people are in teh normal class.
Language; Slang words that are not in the dictionary that people use
Language; Dialect a provincial, rural or socially distince variety of language that differs from the standard language
Religion;Purpose an intended or desired result
Religion; Monotheistic vs. Polytheistic Monotheistic=only belief in one god.Polytheistic=belief in more than one god.
Economic; Good Something a consumer buys
Economic; Consumer Somebody that buys goods
Economic; Producer Produces goods and services
Economic; Services Work done or duties performed for other people
Capitalism An economic system in which pople and privately owned companies own both basic and non-basic businesses and industries.
Socialism an economic system in which the government owns most basic industries such as transportaion, communications and banking.
Government the system that establishes and enforces the laws and institution of a society
Direct Democracy a system of government in whick the piople participate directly in decision making
Representative Democracy a system of government in which the piople elect represenatives to run the affairs of the country.
Monarchy a system of authorian government headed by a monarch usually a king or queen who inherits the throne by birth.
Constitutional Monarchy a government in which a king or queenis the head of state but has limited powers.
Dictatorship a ruler who has complete power over a country.
cultural Change changing your culture to a new culture
Acculturation the process of accepting, borrowing and exchanging ideas and traits among cultures.
Global Village a term used for all the people of the earth
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