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Vocab Workshop H13

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level H Unit 13

accolade n. praise or approval
acerbity n. sourness or bitterness of taste, harshness of manner
attrition n. the process of wearing down by friction gradually
bromide n. a trite or commonplace remark
chauvinist adj. extravagantly patriotic, blindly devoted to a cause n. Such a person
chronic adj. continuing over a long period of time or recurring often
expound v. to explain in detail
factionalism n. party strife and intrigue
immaculate adj. spotless, without blemish or fault
imprecation n. a curse, the act of cursing
ineluctable adj. able to be avoided, changed, or overcome
mercurial adj. characterized by rapid and unpredictable changes of mood
palliate v. to make less serious or severe by glossing over
protocol n. code of conduct - customs and regulations
resplendent adj. shining or gleaming brilliantly
stigmatize v. to brand or mark as in some way discreditable
sub rosa adv. in secret adj. secretive
vainglory n. excessive pride and boastfulness about one's own accomplishments
vestige n. a trace or evidence that something once existed but is now lost
volition n. the power to choose, will, or decide
Created by: Bomoono
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