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What is the definition of Glaciation? (page 394 of textbook) The processes and landforms caused by movement of glaciers
What is the name of a period when continents were covered in large ice sheets? An Ice Age
What are the three important factors of causing an Ice Age? Earth's orbit and axis, Earth's atmosphere and Ocean currents
What are the two processes of glacial erosion? Plucking and Abrasion
What is the shape of a cirque? Basin-shaped hollow
What occurs between two cirques? An arĂȘte
How many cirques do you need at least to form a Pyramidal Peak? 3
Which is a landform of glacial erosion? U-shaped valley or V-shaped valley U-shaped valley
Name an example for the answer to the previous question. Gap of Dunloe in Co. Kerry
Describe a Ribbon lake It is a long, narrow lake on the floor of a U-shaped valley.
Is a hanging valley a smaller or bigger glaciated valley? Smaller
Describe a fjord It is a drowned u-shaped valley that is very deep and has steep sides.
What is another name for a cirque lake? A tarn
Do glaciers transport small, medium or large amounts of material from upland areas? Large
What is an example of a lowland area for glacial deposition? Boulder clay plains
True or False: Drumlins are circle-shaped hills made of boulder clay. False
What kind of erratic boulders can be found in the Burren, Co. Clare? Granite
True or False: An outwash plain is a low flat area of land made of sand and gravel. True
Name a benefit of Glaciation. Tourism
Name a disadvantage of Glaciation. Flooding
Created by: Fionn Cuddy
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