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Major World Religion

Major Religions World Geography

Described by may as polytheistic religion, but modern day describe it as one God, but in Many Forms HINDUISM
Organized approximately 1500 BC in India (the oldest of the major religions) HINDUISM
Beliefs are traced back to the Indus Valley civilization (River in Asia Near India) HINDUISM
Holy Texts: Vedas, Bhogovad-Gita, Upanishads HINDUISM
Belief in Reincarnation (Cycle of Rebirth) HINDUISM
Belief in the caste system (A society based on five classes) existed strongly in Hinduism HINDUISM
Ganges River is considered sacred HInDUISM
The deceased are cremated after death and the ashes spread in a holy river such as the Ganges if possible HINDUISM
Primarily practiced in India and Nepal HINDUISM
Originated in 525 BC by Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) in India Buddhism
Gautama was known as the Enlightened One Buddhism
Holy Text:Tripitaka Buddhism
Belief in reincarnation (cycle of rebirth) Buddhism
Buddha taught that we should break our dependence on worldly desires in order to reach peace. Buddhism
Inner peace is called Nirvana Buddhism
Practiced mainly throughout Asia Buddhism
Monotheistic -Belief in One God (Allah) Islam
Began approximately AD 600 by Muhammad in Middle East Islam
Holy Text: Qu'ran or Koran Islam
Place of Worship is a Mosque (With Minarets) Islam
Sabbath is on Friday Islam
Pray five times daily, facing Mecca in Saudi Arabia Islam
Jesus is only accepted as a prophet not Messiah Islam
Followers do not eat pork Islam
Holy Sites include: Kaaba in Mecca, Medina (Saudi Arabia), Dome of Rock in Jerusalem Islam
Polytheistic belief in numerous Gods or Goddesses (Spirt of things like Tanuke) Shinto
Practiced mainly in Japan Shinto
Usually polytheistic- believe in numerous gods or goddesses Animsm
Found World Wide Animsm
Belief that all objects including inanimate objects have a soul or spirit Animsm
Monotoheistic Belief in Only One God( Holy Trinity ) Christian
Accept Jesus as the Messiah Christian
Originated approximately AD 30 in the Middle East Christian
Holy Texts : Holy Bible (Old and New Testament) Christian
Place of worship is a church or cathedral Christian
Sabbath is on Sunday Christian
Three main divisions: Roman Catholic, Protestant, and Eastern Orthodox Christian
Most Practice religion in the world Christian
Followers are found in North America Europe, South America, Africa, Australia, and in pockets of Asia Christian
Holy Site: Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem Christian
Monotheistic (Yaweh) Judaism
Originated in 1300 BC Judaism
View Jesus as merely a man, not the messiah Judaism
Beliefs are traced back to Abraham Judaism
Sabbath is from Sundown Friday to Sundown Saturday Judaism
Some Jews follow dietary food laws (Kosher Laws) and do not Eat Pork Judaism
Place of Worship is a Synagogue Judaism
Holy Texts: Torah, Talmud Judaism
Holocaust: attempt by Hilter and the Nazis in Germany to exterminate the Jewish race in the 1930's and 1940's. The result was the destruction of 6 millions jews. Call for Jewish homeland in 1947 Israel led to war with Palestine Judaism
Most of the world Jewish people are in Israel, Europe, and US Jusdaism
Holy Site: Western (Wailing) Wall in Jerusalem Judaism.
Created by: Pwade
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