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WorGeo Africa

Africa Vocabulary

Great Rift Valley series of valleys running from North to South, from the Jordan Valley in Southwest Asia to Mozambique in Southeast Africa.
Sahara vast desert region in North Africa, extending from the Atlantic to the Nile
Savanna vegetation type that grows under hot, seasonally dry climatic conditions & is characterized by an open tree canopy above a continuous tall grass understory
Sahel arid area on the south flank of the Sahara desert that stretches across six countries from Senegal to Chad
Poaching illegal hunting, capturing, and often killing of wild animals, other activities such as killing a wild or protected animal without a license, in a prohibited manner, or while trespassing
Subsistence Farming system that provides all or almost all the goods required by the farm family usually without any significant surplus for sale
Desertification process by which fertile land becomes desert, typically as a result of drought, deforestation, or inappropriate agriculture
Enclave An enclosed territory with a foreign territory around it
Exclave A part of a country that is separated from the rest of the country and surrounded by a foreign territory
Landlocked State A state without access to the sea
Oral Tradition the stories and beliefs that a group of people share talking to each other and often passed down from generations verbally
Perforated State A state that completely surrounds another one
Semi-Arid dry but having slightly more rain than an arid region or climate
Partitioning the action of separating an area into different segments of land
Imperialism a policy in which a strong nation seeks to dominate other countries politically, economically, and socially and claim control
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