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Canada Chapter 5

One climate region found in the US but NOT in Canada is... tropical wet and dry
The Klondike gold rushes of the 1890's sent prospectors to... Yukon Territory
slippery roads, falling trees, downed power lines hazards
falling water precipitation
permanently frozen ground permafrost
prevalent widespread
winds that blow from west to east prevailing westerlies
winters are long and bitterly cold; summers are brief and chilly; July temperatures are around 40ºF tundra climate
very cold winters; short, mild summers; vast forest of needle-leafed evergreens; permafrost subarctic region
How does Canada's cold climate relate to its location? it is in the far northern latitudes
southern Canada; cold winters; warm summers; most of population lives here; productive agricultural area humid continental region
British Columbia; moderately warm summers; long, mild winters; rainy and foggy winters marine west coast region
The first inhabitants of what is now the United States and Canada were _____. nomads
Nomads are _____. people who move from place to place
Hunting and gathering were the primary methods of food production before ______ replaced them. agriculture
Replacing hunting and fishing as the primary method of food production caused many early settlements to become permanent
_____ caused an extensive change in environment. Cities being built
What made Montreal's winters livable? underground development
What made a connection for inland bodies of water for the early settlers? a network of canals
Which country has the world's largest railway system today? United States
What is Canada's primary roadway? Trans-Canada Highway
St. John's, ________ Newfoundland
Victoria, _____ British Columbia
A 46,000-mile interstate highway system which crisscrosses the country was built in ____. United States
The most spoken language in Canada is... English
Which oceans touch Canada? Atlantic Ocean; Pacific Ocean; Arctic Ocean
Canada's northernmost lands are... islands
What are the two major mountain ranges in Canada? Rocky Mountains; Appalachian Mountains
Canada's longest river is the... Mackenzie River
About _______ of Canada is forest. 50%
What continent is Canada in? North America
Created by: SisterJordyn
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