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CCSD Res 115 Week 2

Airway Mgt Week 2 Quiz Review

An emergency airway can be established by puncturing between two laryngeal cartilages. This is called: A) Tracheostomy B) Tracheotomy C) Cricothyroidectomy D) Percutaneous tracheotomy C) Cricothyroidectomy
Which of the following specialty airways can be used to selectively ventilate one lung A) Carlin's tube B) Passy - Muir tube C) Fenestrated tracheostomy tube D) Combitube A) Carlin's tube
A patient has a consolidation in the left lung. Copius secretions are being retained in the left main stem and lobar bronchi. Which of the following catheters would be used to selectively aspirate secretions from the effected area? Coude catheter Coude catheter
What type of procedure uses progressivly larger dialators to place a tube in the trachea A) Video laryngoscopy B) Percutaneous tracheostomy C) Light wand endotracheal tube placement D) Traditional tracheostomy B) Percutaneous tracheostomy
Agonist Effect : Stimulates receptor
Anaphalaxis : A life threatening allergic reaction to a drug
Antagonist Effect : Antagonist Effect : A drug that blocks another drug's action
Tachyphalaxis : Tachyphalaxis : Rapid tolerance to a drug - a higher dose is needed to get the desired result,
Accumulative Effect Accumulative Effect : A drug not cleared from the body because of liver or kidney failure
Stimulation of parasympathetic nervous system will result in which of the following? A) Decreased heart rate B) Pupillary constriction C) Bronchodilation D) Increased blood pressure A) Decreased heart rate
When treating an infant for RSV pneumonia, which of the following medications are used? A) Streptomycin B) Nebupent C) Pentamidine D) Riboviron D) Riboviron
What is the most common side effect of delivering ACETYLCYSTEINE solution via the aerosol route? A) Tachycardia B) Mucosal dehydration C) Bronchospasm D) Tachypnea C) Bronchospasm
A breath sound associated with secretion build up in the large airways is know as: A) Wheezing B) Inspiratory crackles C) Course expiratory crackles D) Stridor C) Course expiratory crackles
A patient needs naso-tracheal suction about every two hours. It has been noted that there are small amounts of blood tinged secretions. The patient is semi conscious but will cooperate with coughing. Whats the most appropriate choice for this patient? D) Nasotracheal airway
Which of the following is the preferred emergency airway during CPR when complete control of the patient's airway is required? A) Nasal intubation B) Oral intubation C) Tracheostomy D) Cricoidectomy B) Oral intubation
Which of the following is a curved laryngoscope blade? A) Miller B) Macintosh C) Magill D) Milton B) Macintosh
All of the following are considered a long term consequence of excessive endotracheal tube cuff pressure except for? A) Tracheal malacia B) T E fistula C) Ischemia D) Tracheal stenosis C) Ischemia
If a patient develops laryngospasm after endotracheal extubation, the immediate response would be to: A) Administer Succinylcholine B) Administer high concentration oxygen and closely monitor the patient D) Insert an oral airway and suction the patie B) Administer high concentration oxygen and closely monitor the patient
What is the required time to re-oxygenate a patient between intubation attempts? A) Until the pulse oximeter reads > 90% B) Until the pulse oximeter reads 100% for 1 minute C) 3 - 5 minutes D) 10 minutes C) 3 - 5 minutes
Which of the following are required when the upper airways are bypassed by an artificial airway? (pick as many as appropriate) A) Air heated to 37 degrees Celsius B) Filtering of inspired air C) 100% relative humidity at BTPS D) Aerosolized atropine A) Air heated to 37 degrees Celsius B) Filtering of inspired air C) 100% relative humidity at BTPS
Which of the following is used to facilitate weaning from a tracheostomy tube? A) A Passey - Muir Valve B) A Jackson Trach C) A fenestrated Trach D) A cuffless Trach C) A fenestrated Trach
What is the maximum time allowed for an attempt at tracheal intubation? A) 15 seconds B) 20 seconds C) 30 seconds D) 60 seconds C) 30 seconds
You can apply suction to a catheter while its being inserted down the airway. A) True B) False B) False
What is the maximum time allowed to do a suction procedure? A) 5 seconds B) 10 seconds C) 15 seconds D) 20 seconds E) 30 seconds C) 15 seconds
You are using a 12 french catheter to suction a female patient with a 7.0 ETT and are having difficulty removing the thick secretions. What would be recommended to correct this problem? Instill 5 cc of normal saline down the tube
Which of the following should be done immediately after a patient is intubated with an endotracheal tube to determine if the tube is in the trachea? Auscultate bilateral breath sounds, Auscultate in the epgastric area, and Look for a color change in the CO2 device
When preparing to extubate a patient, he should be told that the endotracheal tube will be pulled: A) On a forced exhalation B) During a voluntary cough C) At the beginning of inhalation D) At the maximum point of inhalation D) At the maximum point of inhalation
You are changing a tracheostomy tube. Right after inserting the new tube into the stoma the patient has severe respiratory distress and the ventilator high pressure alarms start going off. What is the likely explanation? The new trach has slipped into the interstitial space in front of the trachea
What is a tracheostomy button used for? A) Access to suction secretions B) Mechanical ventilation C) To maintain the trach stoma D) For weaning from mechanical ventilation C) To maintain the trach stoma
Created by: mahalynn
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